Spit. Remember to Spit.

This is a hard one for me. The spit. Minds out of the gutter, to a few of you reading this. It’s not that kind of spit swallow scenario. The spit, mo swallow, I am referring to is the wine tasting spit. Seems an oxymoron here. Sip, first swirl, smell, swirl more, smell, (here’s the) sip, swish, wait with a mouth full of wine, swish again, wait letting the wine linger in your mouth and become introduced to your tongue and tastebuds and then spit. Yes, spit. To taste the wine, in this case the sparkling of Champagne champagne, you must spit. Especially necessary when expected to remember the flavor profiles and on a corporate clock. Getting sloshed isn’t in the tasting meeting notes. Not this meeting anyways. Speaking of notes, yes taking notes and photos help, again the Tuesday tip is to spit, the wine, when tasting. Spit. You want to remember. So remember to spit.

These two champagnes, I know. A refresher never hurts especially when a brand ambassador is involved. So, again, Tatum’s Tuesday Tip? If you wanna change your wine tasting game, basically remember to spit. Enjoy the whole bottle or two later. Responsibly. Win and a wink.

Until Next Time…