FYI and for the Blondes and Fair-Haired Swimmers

Dish soap + hot water. You can add a third ingredient for drastic measures but these two are good for this Tatum’s Tuesday tips page. Chlorine turns green. Both natural and artificial highlights. Think about how those hairs on your head look at the end of summer after excessive swimming or a swimming season. Heck, even a few days a week at the gym in a lap pool. Murky, dull, lifeless (hair is dead but) and flat looking if not properly cared for anyway. The cure for tinted green build up on those hairs?? Here is is. Yep, Tatum’s Tuesday Tip. Wash your hair with dish soap and hot water whenever this problem arises. And the extra tip for today, before you swim your laps, or swim and lounge in that pool near you, make sure to dampen and condition your ends before all hair is neatly organized in your swimming cap and such. This is a preventive measure so less dish soap washing needs to happen. While effective, the ends of hair will eventually become dry despite the best of hair conditions. Too much of a good thing and all. Oh and the soap choice? I find clear DAWN or 365 unscented brand works best. I have tried many. This trial also includes the clarifying shampoo category too.

**this is for any hair color and type. It has been more noticeable in the lighter hair and/or highlighted hairs***

This one is available on Amazon. So is the DAWN. If you buy from my store, I will get a small commission for this post.

*** all photos taken with my iPhone for this one (obviously)