My Attempt To Like Halloween…

MY attempt to like Halloween. For your inspiration, perhaps. Yogurt covered pretzels purchased from the 24-Hour RITE-AID in Beverly Hills purchased in the middle of the night. Hershey’s Dark Chocolate bar, the partner in crime. Halloween is for junk food and pumpkins (and those that feel the need to dress like a vampire vixen or something) after all. I don’t know the excuses the other days of the year for the junk foods. And the half dressed fanged beauties, TBD.

***photos taken by me with a nikon or a iPhone


Melt chocolate. Set Aside.

Cover baking pans with parchment.

Use a bit of the chocolate that you melt to secure the parchment paper to the baking pan. Line the yogurt in a organized fashion. Whatever organized fashion means to you. Dipping is optional and easy but for some reason I use a silicon spatula? Half chocolate. Half white. Once the pretzels are half covered in chocolate, let them set up. You can accelerate this process by placing the sheet pan in to the freezer, if you have room. For some of my friends or myself for that matter this won’t work. Freezers are full. I don’t have one. Time accordingly. Orange or gold or both or any sprinkles are optional. I like the black and white look. I don’t add any sprinkles.

i double check that the combo will taste good together..

Try milk next if you like..

If you would like either of your (dark or milk) chocolates black add a few dots of black food coloring..

Until Next Time…