Tuesday Night Dinner with Dessert

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Take the olive oil to the bedroom. Olive oil is a great natural lubricant. Ass play anyone? And for those that don’t like to use chemically drug store lubes or a popular coconut oil because of the taste yet still like to be all natural, this is for you. How do you get the olive oil to the bedroom? You start in the kitchen. Cooking. Wine. A little more wine. Pasta. Parm. Tuscany in a can, that’s the olive oil. Throw in a warm crusty baguette for good measure. Most welcomed inappropriate banter. No dirty minds here. Some background music to contribute to the mood. Maybe a little more wine. Before you know it, dinner is over. Olive oil in hand, half way up the stairs a button is unbuttoned. The clothes start to come off. Time for dessert.

**wine not necessary

disclaimer: olive oil a little messy

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Until Next Time..

i will work on a cohesive playlist.. Should I include these four song?