Dry Shampoo

What does baking soda, corn starch and dry shampoo have in common? They are all items that soak up that oil in your hair when you can’t or are too lazy to shampoo. Side note: also great for using when hair is clean for the up-do hair styles. That’s another post. Anyway, in a pinch and you have nothing left in that fancy ORBIE can, cornstarch and baking soda will do. Rub in your hands and then on your hair. Repeat as many times as needed. For dark hair this method works best as your scalp doesn’t look white. Redheads too. Blonde can slide by with the dumping on the scalp method. White residue a little less noticeable.

Conclusion? Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? For that in a hurry I am out of dry shampoo I don’t have time or don’t want to shampoo the hairs moments, use these kitchen ingredients to help. Here are some recommended dry shampoos for purchase from my Amazon Store for you. In case..