teabags, coffee, and spoons

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips are on Hawaii time this week even though I am in Los Angeles typing this. Current time is Wednesday morning 12;11am PST. It is still Tuesday in Hawaii. So, here we go. What do coffee, tea and cold spoons all have in common? They reduce eye puffiness. Hydration also helps. Additionally..

jet lagged in Paris

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: to reduce puffiness use chilled tea bags, or a chilled coffee soaked cloth, or chilled spoons. All from the refrigerator or freezer. I make my brewed coffee with cheese cloth. I literally take coffee grinds out of the coffee maker, cool to room temperature and refrigerate. A saturated cloth with just coffee will do too. I do the same with the teabags. Dry cold spoons very effective.. The cold metal works wonders and the immediate sensation stark and yet soothing. I have tried these fun, wacky home remedies for years.

from the coffee pot
from the cup
from the refrigerator
this morning after yoga
I should really set up a tripod ..

***all photos are iPhone photos