Los Angeles Food & Wine 2019

I do what any normal person would do. I take my glass and head straight for the champagne. Somehow, just like a Costa Rican monkey when seeing a shiny piece of jewelry, I, out of the corner of my eye, see something else shiny and before I look over, I know I want it. To the left. Uh-oh, a beverage truck. Big, orange and chrome. Gleaming under the lights of the Barker Hanger. On the open window counter one by one, being lined up, there they are. Cups containing a smiling orange piece, beautiful red liquid and as the light catches the crevices of the exposed ice cubes and condensation, bearing the APEROL (spritz). I start…

I originally want to go on Sunday to the last Grand Tasting event. My restaurant is there this day and it would be more fun to know more people. It doesn’t work out. No champagne brunch or macarons for me this weekend. My bestie always says, what is yours is yours, so Saturday night VIP ticket is mine instead of Sunday. That’s cool. Sometimes things work out better. I couldn’t be more grateful. The fact that I can go at all is a gift. I start at the first table. I choose to ask each table what they are plating and pouring and video. While I love still photography, for this event, videos seem better. My phone battery runs out of juice half way round. I charge my phone with Derek Mettern at the Chef Curtis Stone’s table. I continue on as time is of the essence.

If you don’t know these Chefs, Wine makers or this even for that matter, you should.

I will continue to update this post. I have so many videos and photos.

A huge thank you to Coastal Luxury Management, Los Angeles Food & Winehttps://www.lafw.com and David Alan Bernahl II. Oh yeah, and all the Chefs and wine makers and peoples that took the time to talk to me and let me video them. Truly and Ah-may-zing event with only the best of the best. Thank you.

my iphoneography at Saturday night Grand Tasting Event
Chef Dustin J. Trani
Dinner with Tres