Feel The Vibration: Wear Your Sex

When it comes to the topic of sex, I have lots to say lately. Some think I should have a podcast. This is a short and sweet Tuesday tips so the lengthy tangent and ranting of sorts stays in the rough draft. If you are in need of a little reminder to feel, let’s say empowered, wanna have a little more fun with the sexting and perhaps in general not forget to pay attention to your sexual health, this could be your answer. The CRAVE Vesper Vibrator Necklace. I ordered one for my birthday earlier this year. This good vibration Vesper vibrator necklace available on the VioletGrey.com for $69. I most certainly recommend it.

This shiny little beauty that looks like a pen. Maybe a small flashlight to some of you. Wear it around your neck or hang it for display. It is light weight and quiet despite having a few speeds. As technology goes these days, it is of course easily rechargeable.

I will add before the tip, in my non-expert opinion, I swear this isn’t a rant, sexual health is as important as teeth brushing or eating properly. It’s easy to get caught up in life and for many raising humans saying to the person next to you, that person you worked so hard to have in that bed next to you by the way, I have a headache or maybe tomorrow becomes the normal. The pressures of daily life and the need to compare really do influence how we feel and view ourselves more so than ever these days. Hello social media. Even the securest of the securest can fall victim. Who wants to take their clothes off in a tiered self-conscious mind set.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: May we all feel empowered no matter our sexual orientation when we want to explore sexual pleasures. May we do so with pride. And as a result may we have consensual, safe, mind-blowing, toe curling, raw, hot steamy, loving (whatever words work for you) sex as often as possible. So, should you need a PG tame but tangible reminder, wear your sex (toys) and feel the good vibrations. Above all, don’t neglect your own sexual health. And if you don’t feel like it, do it anyway.

Until Next Time…