Don’t Snort The Nutmeg

Nutmeg a drug? Apparently, supposedly, it’s a thing. Nutmeg is a drug. Drug-Ish? That microplaned nutmeg dust can be snorted. Yes. Even smoked. Needless to say this fruit seed spice does a little more than elevate your food and beverages and excite those tastebuds according to these articles from a GOOGLE search and one of my most reliable sources. See the links to articles below. What I want to know, really, really want to know, is what was going through someone’s mind when they decided to try this out?

I have included a few photos taken with my iPhone.. You know how it is with me and the photos. More is better? Besides, I needed a few good looks at the drug spice.

Conclusion? Tatum’s Tuesday Tip: Don’t snort that nutmeg. Keep the nutmeg for cooking and cocktails please.

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