For the Lazy Ones. Micellar Water.

I like the “I slept in my makeup” look. The thing is though, most of the time you see me, I have actually slept in my makeup. I either then add more make-up to the the already existing smeared on face or I micellar my face and start again. The first happens more often. Sure I could use coconut oil for the wipe or soap and water but over time too much of either isn’t great for the skin. Enter Ere Perez gingko micellar water. A little on a cotton pad or sometimes my hand, and wipe face my clean. Cotton pad recommended though. Just like that, no make-up. Before we go further, what does micellar mean and what is it? Micellar is micelles or also known as tiny balls suspended in soft water that draws out impurities. (Thanks Google) Herbs and essential oils are often added to the micellar water for an offering of additional benefits. I was gifted an Ere Perez micellar ginkgo water earlier this summer. Ginkgo comes from a sacred tree in China and has been around since the dinosaurs? That’s cool. It can be used topically as sunscreen or as a natural skin cleanser, for starters. This ginkgo promotes healthy, even skin toned skin, aids in reducing inflammation and anti-aging. Add this Asian beauty with the micellar and the results nothing short of superb. Prepare to be amazed. Wanna wash your face but can’t be bothered? Conclusion? Sure you’ve guessed it. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: Micellar water cleans while feeling refreshing and no soap and water needed. Simple and easy and wallet friendly. Side note: As an Angeleno, I will include this in my earthquake kit.

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