this one is for Angelenos. i have been under the distinct impression that everyone in Los Angeles knows about the delivery service, Instacart. seems not. forget coffee? they deliver in less than two hours. this also includes items like headache tablets, you know should you have caffeine headache from withdrawal. acai frozen pouches? they got our back. pet food? easy peasy. toilet paper, on the way. beer? BEVMO to the rescue. retailers include, Ralphs, Erewhon, Pet Smart, Eataly, Sprouts, Smart & Final, Costco, CVS and more. download the app to your smart phone or tablet or your friend’s if you don’t have one. usually first time delivery gets a bonus like a discount or free delivery. gratuity is included. the option to add more an option. should you need a replacement item or contact your shopper all available via text messaging. shopping has never been easier. don’t tell Amazon.

conclusion? don’t let your schedule dictate how you eat and when you shop. Tatum’s Tuesday Tip? Instacart.

for the late night cookies…