With You in Mind. Fake Ice for Drink Photography and Prop Styling Perfection.

Those snow cones look so refreshing and delicious. And that cocktail with the ice that never seems to melt. How do they do it? (I am asking for a friend) Fake ice, mostly made of acrylic and non-toxic. Some of the fake ice is excellent for chilling the cocktail and providing a great look (see stone cubes) and again some are just there to make that drink look oh so pretty. As for the snow cones, that chipped ice is most likely made with Poly-Sorb, which I don’t have yet so no photos of that below. Anyway, all of which will not melt under hot lights. Or in general, ice traditionally speaking. Most certainly great for someone like me as I am constantly taking pictures to add to my portfolio. Check these products out on my Amazon Store List. If you are really ambitious, you can make you own ice. See here for How To Make Fake ICE. Maybe I’ll try that next. For now, I’ll stick to purchasing on Amazon. Conclusions? Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Keep those cocktails, sodas and snow cones photo worthy. Use fake ice.

Compare it to the real thing here..

cubes from my bar..

blocks of ice and tools for the chisel..

you could make larger like this too..