salty coaster napkin

What am I to do in a very cool pizza panni establishment and not having cloth napkin coaster and the current thin square paper version just so happens to be melting and sticking onto the glass and table simultaneously in opposite directions? For my semi-OCD brain, the whole sticking disintegrating napkin is becoming annoying to say the least. Just add salt, I hear from the other end of the table. Yes, Salt. Works like a charm. I pour salt from shaker onto the napkin under the spot where I have been placing the glass and said water napkin sticking problem is happening. Salt is an barrier between water and napkin. Superstitious? Toss a bit from right hand over the left shoulder and all is well. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Salt poured onto a paper napkin coaster helps the glass from which you are drinking not stick. So suck it condensation and now I will continue to drink the refreshing contents in my glass. In my case, this day, water.