No Lipstick On Teeth

Ever wonder how those beauty queens can smile for so long and go on and on about world peace and other important health and socioeconomic issues without having a dot of red lipstick on their teeth? Petroleum jelly. Duh! A couple fun facts about the petroleum jelly before we get to the matter preventing the lipstick on the teeth. It was discovered in the mid 1850s in Pennsylvania, USA. In the year 1870 the first factory creating the product we know today as Vaseline was made. Where? Brooklyn, NY. So, why no lipstick smear on the teeths? Petroleum jelly acts as tasteless, somewhat goopy, hydrating barrier between the lips and the teeth. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: Before you create that beautiful pout don’t forget to rub those pearly whites with the petroleum jelly. You can smile and talk for hours. Maybe brush your teeth before that makeup sesh though.