Yogurt Brows

my goal

Want thicker eyebrows? Put yogurt on your eyebrows for an extended period of time. Incorporating this into your personal maintenance routine should be easy. After you brush your teeth at night suggested. This, according to the Persian girl in my class at the Toni&Guy Academy. This is not FDA approved. I can’t tell if it is really working for me or if it is the collagen powder. Maybe a combination of both. Just kidding! And, she, the girl from my class, swears by it. I am down for the non-chemical kitchen to cosmetics stuffs as much as possible. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? For thicker eyebrows, slather plain room temperature Greek yogurt on your brows for twenty minutes a day until achieve desired results. Take pictures to document the process? Save the frozen yogurt from Go Greek for eating.

work in progress brows
work in progress brows, very groomed..

Getting my yogurt ready!

Keep this handy..

Until Next Time…