Tricks of the Trade: Cigarette Ash

My Grandmother spent a considerable amount of time on a tobacco farm with her siblings. Perhaps she knew something of this tobacco trick. I didn’t know to ask her at the time I could have asked her and now I will never know what she thinks regarding this topic.

This young French guy learned from this older French guy in Paris and I learned from him, the younger French guy, in a salon in Los Angeles. I specialized in hair color services. The cigarette ash trick of the trade in hairdressing. Wella and the like, as well as hydrogen peroxide make great stain removers for certain, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about this stain removal method. The cigarette ash mixed with a slight bit of tobacco from the same cigarette and water, making a paste, aids in removing dark hair color from the skin. Yes. Especially for those foreheads that have botox and such. Even if the strongest of the strongest oil and vaseline are applied to protect the hairline before the service, sometimes the stain happens. I test this out on my sister while having a visit with her recently and my doing her hair. She is a red head. Black and dark brown heads of hair are the best for testing this test though.

Conclusion? If you can stomach the smell of the ciggy ash, it is definitely worth it. And the smell doesn’t last long. Soon you are swept away with the fragrance from the shampoo and the head massage anyway so..

Tatum’s Tuesday Tip? Pesky stubborn residual hair color stain from your color service can be removed with a cigarette ash paste.

an ash only test. tobacco bits and water are needed