The Artist Date: YPF

One of the things I still miss about NYC after all these years of living in Los Angeles is going to live theater. Los Angeles can be hit or miss. When the recommendation comes from a solid reliable source, go. I find myself in my yoga clothes (they are black) looking like a hood rat (LA after all) on an artist date with myself yesterday off Hollywood Blvd at the Blank Theater 27th ANNUAL NATIONWIDE Young Playwrights Festival. The work I see here is nothing short of exceptional. The writers of these works presented in this festival are all under the age of 19! I couldn’t believe it. The professional actors soon take me to another place from this black box theater chair in the back row which I can only imagine is something beyond thrilling for these young playwrights. If you don’t have anything to do this week and/or want to support the arts and see great acting.. this is the place to go..

Young Playwrights Festival 2017 Short Documentary

***not my usual blog post.. something that I didn’t think I would blog about..few photos with my iPhone..

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