The Wine Label

You are standing in store staring blankly at the wine. You walk to the next isle. Maybe the next isle will be less intimidating. Nope. This should be easy, right? Each wine is organized by region. Where is Rhone again? Left? No right? Which label is prettier? That must be a good one. The one with the prettiest label? Whether the wine is organized by region, New World/Old World, color coordinate or by grape, to you it doesn’t really matter. You do not really know that much about wine and yet you are the person assigned wine duty. Knowing how to read a wine label could make the selection process of purchasing wine a little less intimidating especially when you have put off the task hoping that you don’t have to do it at all and now of all times, you can’t find a knowledge sales associate.

A couple of labels below to help. You could also kindle or carry the pocket guide of Jancis Robinson’s The Oxford Companion to Wine. Side note: European labels often times not the easiest.

Conclusion? Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Buying wine doesn’t have to be intimidating. Even if you don’t know that Pinot Noir is thin-skinned or the difference between Left and Right Bank, or what the heck vintage means, or that Champagne is a region that only produces champagne, you can still choose a little more confidently having referenced the labels above. Education is key. Knowledge is power and perhaps this knowledge will lower your cortisol level as you stand in the market looking for the perfect bottle(s) of wine.

Until Next Time…