HAir COlor ANd WIgs

Sitting in the salon with my client at 7:am waiting for her hair color to process, we talk. We talk about life, hair colors and hairdressing academy and science of hair and how we feel when we change the color of our hair or what is it like and how we feel when we have a bad or good experience in the chair as a client. We have taken her (my client currently processing) hair from dark brown to lighter cooler modern French brown. Literally that is the color, French brown. It suits her.

While corrective color is something that I once lived for and only wanted to do, I don’t really do hair anymore. These days, I rarely go to the salon or take hair color clients at all for many reasons. We all make exceptions. She is an exception. It is a skill I have and more often than not depending on the condition of the hair can do very well. This Tuesday tip is not about my exceptions or how many clients I do and don’t take. It is before you go to the Rite Aid and purchase a box of hair color to lighten your already colored hair, I ask you save yourself the time and the money and perhaps many tears. Hair color will not lift hair color on already colored hair. Color does not lift color. Changing hair color is fun, yes. And on virgin hair the most fun and easiest. But before you do so, I ask that you try on wigs, play around with them and leave the color changing to the experts.

Conclusion? Want blue hair? Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Wigs are the answer or maybe a photoshop app but wigs are way more fun to exploring your hair color change and perhaps that hair cut to showcase the color that you have always wanted to try. They are not permanent after all.

** all photos taken with my iPhone

** Cal East Imports/CMC wigs has great wigs. I also have a Jaclyn Smith (former Charlie’s Angels actress) has great wigs. I have a very cool silver wig from a photo shoot and my Amazon Store has some cool floral wig heads for your wigs

** I am a licensed CA Cosmetologist since 2012

Until Next Time…