Rose Water

What to do with some of those rose petals from Mother’s Day? Make rose water toner and spritz of course. There is a great recipe from Alchemy Holistics. Sometimes it is just so much easier to buy the thing we can make, if you are short on time. Cortas Rose Water is great alternative. Store in your refrigerator. Using cool is better in my opinion. Rose water is refreshing, hydrating and a natural antioxidant. It cools (even without being in the refrigerator), refreshes and revitalizes all the while cleaning out your pores. Score! I suspect several a reasons major cosmetics companies add this to their lipsticks and makeups. And the fragrance though. It is soft, subtle, fresh and oh so delightful. Apply to cotton ball and use after a day in the sun or after washing your face.

Conclusion? No matter whether you choose to make or purchase, you can’t go wrong. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Stop and smell the roses (on your face). Revitalize, refresh, unclog and anti-age with one of nature’s most beautiful Queens while you are at it.

Until Next Time...