Hop Hop Easter Bunny: Easter Eggs.

My eggs drying in the window

In anticipation of the Easter holiday, like three and half weeks ago, and inspired by this aliceandlois.com Indigo Marbled Eggs post and a conversation I have with a someone about wax, crayons and food coloring egg dying from their childhood, I get to work. Each week I become more and more inspired so much so that Easter may come and go before I actually post something. So, for your inspiration, and because I want to post something about these cute eggs, here is a post and some where to buy inspired purchases. Happy Easter. Have fun! The more I decorated, the more I decorated. I am now adding nail stickers and adding clear nail polish for the sealing.

Leave questions, comments and photos of your eggs in the comment section. I would love to see them.

Things you will need:

Eggs (plastic or boiled), gloves, nail polish, water, foam board, sewing stick pins, disposable containers (depends on how many colors you would like to use, stickers, crayons, spoons, food coloring, white vinegar, a basket or few and fillings or in my case below air vent covers, creative mind and some free time.

Where you may like to buys some of your items..

Tatum’s Amazon Store Easter Egg Decorating and Festivities List

Instructions here from aliceandlois.com

Step 1. Fill plastic container 3/4 full with room temperature water. I used a 28 oz container.

*If the water is too cold the polish will sink. Add a few drops of nail polish. The more drops of polish, the darker and more covered the egg will get, but can also clump more easily.

Step 2. Lightly stir with stick to make a marble look in water.

Step 3. Dip the egg under the water and swirl. Wear rubber gloves. I learned the hard way. I will spare you a picture of my fingers after dipping a dozen eggs in water/blue nail polish! You could also try using small tongs to remove eggs.

Step 4. Dry the eggs. I took a piece of foam and used pins to make a drying rack.

Boil eggs and let them cool to room temperature
some of the supplies needed

test out pins with egg
drop nail polish in water and swirl with stick


Crayons, purple hearts and Americolor eggs..

Since I don’t have a video of the someone explaining this process, I find these instructions from epicures.com


  1. For each color
    • 1 teaspoon white vinegar
    • About 20 drops liquid food coloring
    • White-shelled hard-boiled eggs


  1. To make 1 color
    1. Line large baking sheet with paper towels and top with wire cooling rack.
    2. In small bowl or cup, stir together 1/2 cup boiling water, vinegar, and food coloring. Immerse eggs in dye, turning occasionally to ensure even coating, until desired color, about 5 minutes. Using slotted spoon or tongs, remove eggs from dye and transfer to rack to drain. Refrigerate when dry.

Test-Kitchen TipsHere are some ways to create designs on your eggs: ·Wrap a portion of the egg with a rubber band before dyeing. Once the egg is dry, remove the rubber band to reveal the white, undyed strip underneath. ·Another way to block off portions of the egg: Affix stickers or tape in shapes such as daisies or dots before dyeing. Remove once the egg is dry. ·A third way to block off portions: Before dyeing, draw on the egg with a light-colored crayon or wax. If desired, once the egg is dry, the wax can be softened by holding the egg over a candle flame and then wiped off. ·All three of these methods can also be used to create two-toned eggs: Dye the whole egg a light color, such as pink, and let it dry. Then wrap the egg with a rubber band, affix stickers, or draw a design in crayon. Dye the egg a second color, such as blue. Once dry, remove the rubber band, stickers, or crayon. The areas blocked off will remain the first color (in this case, pink), while the rest of the egg will turn a combination of the 2 colors (in this case, purple). ·Dip a portion of the egg in one color and another portion in another color. If the two sections overlap, that area will turn a combination of the two colors.

Draw designs on eggs. I choose hearts on this egg as it is a test egg. I don’t dip into warm water white vinegar mixture as suggested to melt the wax completely as I want to keep some color and texture from the crayon..

The longer you let each egg stay submerged the darker they become..
Dry you little eggs

While the eggs are drying you can prepare your baskets or cool containers for your tablescape…

Until Next Time…

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