A Conversation at The Writers Guild Theater: TROPHY

I for some reason thought that I posted something about this. At the time, I think I thought there was some sort of mistake that I even got invited. Wine, food trucks, and film at Writers Guild Theater and a Q&A after? Nope. No mistake. They let me inside and give me a cool purple bracelet. While your viewing experience for sure to be different than mine (did I mention there was a Q&A after with creators and hunters), this is conversation that still must be had and a must watch. TROPHY.

As I sit here now, I still wish that I recorded the Q&A. My battery died. Anyway, if you have seen it, or once you watch it, lemme know your thoughts..

You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video or purchase the DVD from Amazon. Click TROPHY for both.

135 S. Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Until Next Time…