So, This Happened. The Almost Worst Food Item I Have Ever Made..Almost.

Not much happening in the way of sun in Los Angeles. I see the word or hear the word, I immediately perk up. The other thing that makes me perk up equally, besides beach days, is bread. Homemade bread with butter. On my door a tag reading available for pick-up from Fed-Ex. Second attempt scheduled this day and this time. I sign for the package to be left outside my door. Next day, it is waiting for me. This package. Inside? Sunbeam Bread Programmable Bread Making Machine. My Father likes to bake. He has an an extra one of these little machines. I use an oven mostly. I also don’t bake in bulk or have a need for multiple bread loaves to be baking at once. I haven’t ever used a bread maker either. So, late night, which is when most of my baking takes place lately, I start.

Gathering of ingredients

Thé warm sun on my face. The smell of spring. A light breeze. I hear birds. Then I feel a drop of something on my nose. And another. I open my eyes and look up. Yep. Starting to rain. This happens while waiting at the crosswalk for the light to change. I try to trick myself. Thinking sun equals feeling sun, right? Something about a ten second rule equals the feel of the real thing so they say. Whoever they is. I imagine case by case too. It has been raining so much lately.

Not much happening in the way of sun these days in Los Angeles. And the two days of sun last week do not count. A complete tease. Anything with the word sun is starting to make me perk up. Even emojis and photos of sun. Yes, really. I see or hear the word and I immediately perk up. Needless to say, I am missing sunny SoCal weather. While I don’t feel bad about staying inside when it rains and enjoy the coats appropriate for conditions that I don’t wear that often living in Los Angeles, I prefer the usual weather here. Sunny and 70 degrees. Part of the reason I, me and most everyone else for that matter, live here. The weather. The other thing that makes me perk up, equally, besides beach days and the sun, is bread. Warm bread and butter.

This weather also causes my carb craving to kick in. Really. If I am being completely honest, I always crave carbs and I eat them despite the disclaimers. Mostly bread and cake. I bake bread on the regular. In an oven though. I also don’t have a microwave. Small portion chocolate mug cakes are also not happening either. I love the bake in an oven and melt chocolate stove top. The weather can be my excuse though. And that brings me to the Sunbeam Bread Programmable Machine. My Father likes to bake. He has an an extra one of these little machines. After the mentions of the rain and the word sun, courtesy of FEDEX, this little machine arrives to my door. Yep. It’s gots the words sun in the name after all. And bread comes from it. This is perfect. This little machine is super cool. Has more settings than I think it will have. Once she gets going, very warm too. Like the sun. And I may not be smelling Spring given the weather. Bread baking will do just fine.

I follow instructions, so I think. It is late night. This is when most of my baking takes place these days. I will try again. Mixing all the ingredients helps before probably. Anyhow. Here is my beautiful mess from round one. This is in no way a testament to the machine being inferior to the oven or any other machine comparable. This once again is me having messed up. I have seen the bread come from this looking better than some ovens. Give it a try. Here’s a link should you want to purchase your own SunBeam Programmable Bread Maker. My Amazon store.

Stand by for round two coming soon.. In the mean time, I will be thinking about the sun. A baking and stuff. Don’t forget that when you do bake using send me a message and a picture of your round one. Hopefully they are better than mine. Pictures match the subject here as far as I am concern.

There is also a recipe booklet included with your machine. This is extremely helpful. I tend to Google and Pinterest much and that turns into me going down a rabbit hole and before I know it, it is 3:am.

A cinnamon bread.

I don’t have any raisins..

I need something a bit stronger here

I need a second look. Hum. The dry ingredients didn’t mix completely.
sort of looks like bread, right?

Until Next Time…

I will be thinking about the sun…