Mark Seliger on view and Fahey/Klein Gallery

You know his photos from Rolling Stone. You know his photos from Vanity Fair and GQ Magazine. Christopher Street stories his latest project. Rusty Truck his band. He is Mark Seliger. M-A-R-K S-E-L-I-G-E-R. This Texan is smart, and yes, incredibly talented. I have been in his company on several an occasion. He is responsible for my introduction to TM (transcendental meditation) and now as a result a regular meditation practice of me. Some of the way he “sees it” through his lenses can be found on view at The Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles. The light. This master of catching, no capturing the light, only magnifies the very personal experience of each photograph. Needless to mention, yet I am anyway, each image would be best viewed in person. Purchasing a forever view is also available to you and I certainly recommend this hands down too.

Here are some of the carefully curated photographic works I took pictures of with my iPhone when I visited the gallery. I have also included additional photos of other artists after Mr. Seliger’s work below from the gallery. If you are lucky, perhaps you will get a tour of the gallery. Nicholas J.M Cloutman was so kind to give my friend and sister from another Mother, Magdalene_Vick, a tour of the gallery and the offices all the while offering little bits of back story of some of the works and several introductions to new up-and-coming Artists’ works.

Fahey/Klein Gallery

148 North LaBrea Avenue in Los Angeles. 90036

(323) 934.2250

Mark Seliger photos on view until February 23, 2019.

more from the Fahey/Klein Gallery…my iPhone photos of photos..

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