Valentine’s Day On My Mind Snack

Yesterday. I take a pot fill it with water and watch water boil. A heat safe bowl is placed on top some time during the watching of the boiling. Chocolate oval shaped disks from Valrhona placed in the bowl. I watch some more. Slowly they melt. I stir occasionally. I open the bag of pretzel rods. Cutting the top with scissors. I remove the bowl of melted chocolate from the heat. Slowly, I roll each pretzel in the melted chocolate. I place on parchment paper. I top some with various sprinkles. I add oil to make the chocolate shiny. I roll another batch of pretzel rods. More sprinkles. I place the new shiny ones next to the first, now matte drying batch of rods. I watch. I snap photos with my iPhone as I wait for them to set up. Standing in my kitchen, I taste. Each bite better than the last. I crunch loudly as I think about the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day.

Pretzels can be purchased from most markets.

Any chocolate chips will do, I chose the ones I liked (mentioned above) from my cupboard. Sprinkles, black salt and decorations came from Surfas Culinary Food Emporium in Los Angeles.

Until Next Time…

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