I use the iPhone in a dimly florescent lit kitchen to take these pictures. Real life looks of a late night dinner with my friend.  Her boyfriend is out of town.  Girls night in progress. Bulgarian feta and Turkish labneh two ingredients new to me.  Turkish labneh is a versatile type of soft cheese made of goat’s milk.  Borek is the dish. Our version anyway. We don’t follow a recipe. Who needs precision. We are having so much fun tossing ingredients in a bowl. By memory we make, like that of an Italian or Indian grandmother. We don’t know how a Turkish grandmother would but my friend has an Indian grandmother so that counts.  I have a Southern grandmother and she does the same thing.  Tossing ingredients into a bowl without measuring.  From memory. Maybe most grandmothers do this?  A pinch here, toss this and so forth. My friend has made this before. My friend, her friend’s intoxicated brain, I should add is in charge because it is her kitchen and she has made this before. She is drinking wine. I am just helping in the I am a good friend will work for food so we can chill faster.  I am grating carrots and washing spinach. We do do a google search though for a “does this look kinda right?” moment.  Simple salads are prepared while we wait for the baking.  We also sample a spicy Trini Indian sauce that will knock your socks off and send your taste buds into orbit. Amuse-bouche to say the least.

We make two of the Borek.  We roll one because I suddenly can’t remember that I need a pastry brush to paint and moisten the phyllo.  I am not drinking.  The other more of the style dish initially intended.  Here is recipe courtesy of  Foolproof Living so you can follow an actual recipe. I like the name.  Both our rolled and flat version tastes efing amazing despite appearances. Same batched ingredients for both but we cook one a little longer than the other. Leftovers are even better.  

Until Next Time…

We will be eating leftovers and working on Kuchela, this Trini Indian spicy chutney recipe (I will) that will knock your socks off and send your taste buds into orbit.. and drinking pink wine because we always want to be in the South of France..

It is called Kuchela