Pear Blue Cheese Friday Night Flatbread

What to do with the Harry & David pears? Besides consuming immediately? Juiciest of the juiciest. Sugar water dripping down my face with every bite as I stare at them in my kitchen thinking what to do. I can’t eat pears for dinner, can I? My logic is make a dough, bake it an have a flatbread situation. Call it a day. Maybe left overs for tomorrow. So sweet. I am on my second pear now as I watch the dough bake. Delectable. I am eating with a spoon. Eating them with a spoon is easy but not required. It’s Friday night. I can’t be bothered to “cook” or consider making a dough. I save some from he first of the year. The first few weeks of this year had been full of to-dos. Making dough for nights like this one of them. Dough from this post, Holiday Flatbread From My Kitchen, comes from the freezer. Pears are sliced and blue cheese added. Bake and then slightly broiled in the oven. I photo shoot in a a cardboard box from his post, DIY: Food Photo Shooting! 

I enjoy with Kombucha and Riesling. Champagne or Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes recommended.

Here’s to this weekend Friday night menu. Oh, the pears can sometimes be found at Trader Joe’s market. If TJ’s isn’t local to you, or they don’t have them, Harry & David website will most certainly delivers.

once cooked, have a very sophisticated photoshoot…

Until Next Time..