From That Weekend: The BROAD

If you haven’t been to the BROAD in downtown Los Angeles, you should go.  As should goes. The building alone is worth the trip no matter the exhibit. The design really innovative and quite incredible.  This contemporay art museum is named by its founders, Eli and Edythe Broad; a couple of Philanthropists that happen to be a couple. The BROAD is home to more 2,000 works, post and contemporary. Some of the artists include Jean-Michael Basquiat (one of my favorites), Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Mark Bradford and Cindy Sherman. This day, Sunday fun day, my bestie and I venture to see The JOURNEY THAT WASN’T and take a short walk into ‘a souls of a million lights..'(Yahoo Kusama) about ten steps of a short walk and 45 seconds of viewing happens there. There, has a wait list. About two hours wait lists. In general, the visit takes a while as I need to take in everything and I am with one of my besties as I mention, so we view, talk and then I snap a photo after photo after photo on the iPhone. I also want to touch and sit and play, which is mostly not allowed. This is another consideration for the time it takes. Three hours or so long. While the waiting for a particular exhibit, a trip to Grand Central Market Food Court happens. By now we are hungry. If you haven’t ever been to Grand Central Market DTLA, also worth the trip downtown always.

The BROAD, has three floors, first containing a gift shop and information desks and the start of exhibits. The stairwells have glass windows exposing much stored art for all to see. Bathrooms on the first and upper floors (because this is important) near the offices on the third floor also glass making other art available for viewing. A fun fact from the brochure is The BROAD’S freight elevator is 20x14x16 feet and was built to be able to transport the longest single-piece work, Ellsworth Kelly’s Green Angle up to the skylight third floor gallery. The staff is super friendly and knowledgable. The BROAD is open Tuesday through Sunday. Hours vary. Click here for times and other necessary information on the website.

The exhibit from The JOURNEY THAT WASN’T as well as existing exhibits on the ascending floors..

I kept waiting for this lady to say something..the details.. so efing detailed

The Grand Central Market

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Eating other cuisine and guessing how many beans are in this container..

How many beans are in here?