The Brûléed Orange

It is Tuesday. Almost 10:pm. Walking back from yoga class feeling very grateful for my life and loving my black hair lightly brush against my face as I walk thinking how nicely it is growing out long again, I must admit, I am in a funk. I can’t even manage to finish this spray painting project on the ‘Oscar the Grouch’ garbage bin for my lemon tree.  For some reason it makes me think of Sesame Street. I have been spraying it with varieties of spray paint for weeks. Then a skull, once silver, now hot pink with a bit of orange.  Certainly neither of which are Sotheby’s worthy.  Bad art often leads to good art though.  My art studio is full of stuffs.  Organized chaos. Saw horses and tools.  Sanding matching and a Skill saw. Blank canvases. Ramekins. Which I don’t use for this post.  Paints.  Cake stands.  Bolts of fabric.  Foam boards for lighting on the roof. 81 rough drafts for blog posts on a laptop.  Dehydrated scobies in two of my four jars. Drop cloths, spray paint, tripods, sewing machines, tablescape dishes packed on shelves.  A sheepskin and dressing room lighting.  Et cetera.  Right now, it is 10:pm. I only want to go to yoga these days.  Approaching the building door to my art studio offices, a moment of inspiration comes. I remember something. Bruleed orange.  I had seen it on the Food Network earlier, in the Executive locker room at EQUINOX.  This is where I watch TV.  Before or in between workouts.  I haven’t had a television in years by choice.  Netflix and Hulu on my laptop, yes.  Most of my television watching happens in the locker room or a bar, if there is a game or a horse race showing.  Ree Drummond makes a bruleed orange this day.  The Pioneer Woman.  I haven’t ever had a brûléed orange.  Tonight is as good a night as any.
Not bad for my first test.  Sugar and brown butter most things isn’t a hard sell for me.  I’m in.  Add a bit of salt and an orange, yes please.  Best of all, I am inspired again.  Thank you Ree Drummond.

The Recipe:


1 large orange

1/2 teaspoon butter

1 tablespoon sugar


Special equipment:

a kitchen blowtorch

  1. Slice the orange in half and blot dry with a paper towel. Rub each half with the butter and sprinkle with the sugar. Torch with a kitchen blowtorch until caramelized. Serve with a sharp spoon, such as a grapefruit spoon.
Until Next Time…