Holiday Arsenal: Black Lemonade


With the holidays approaching, like, yes, Thanksgiving is next week approaching, a tendency to overindulge is ever looming. One more cookie.  Another Slice of Pie?  Have you had the Los Angeles Urth Caffe pumpkin pie by chance?  if training for a marathon, I could probably eat the whole thing myself.  those Comfy boozy cocktails or mocktails certainly make an impression on the body.  While I love all things sweets, Often times these favorites are just wreaking plain ol’ havoc on us.  Keep things in check with this quick fix.
It doesn’t smell that great but it works.  At least for me it seems to work anyway.  My skin looks better when I drink it for sure.  I do feel less bloated and hyper from the sugars.  Could also be in conjunctions with yoga. Could be the placibo effect.  I don’t thinks so but I really cant say for sure as I am not a medical doctor.  I like it though.  Feels like I am doing my body good.  I also use Pearl Bar Activated Charcoal toothpaste.  Besides, it’s black, refreshing and sexy despite (again worth mention) the slightly unpleasant odor.  While I clearly recommend this black lemonade and it is endorsed by other sites as well, try at your own risk.  Consult your physician maybe.  Find a couple of related links and the recipe for the black lemonade below.  Happy Holidays!

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Black Lemonade
  • juice of one lemon (Meyers is great but any lemon will do, I promise)
  • 1-2 capsules activated charcoal (I use Country Life capsules from Erewhon Market in Los Angeles)
  • stevia or maple syrup (I use Noble Handcrafted 02 Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Egyptian Chamomile Blossom Matured Maple Syrup.  Adds additional fragrance and flavor.  Activated charcoal doesn’t smell that great and may make it harder for you to drink.  This helps.)
  • water
  • ice






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Pumpkin Pie from my kitchen..