SALSA! for #tacoTuesday


You can use canned tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, or both.  American tomatoes, Italian tomatoes (you know those San Marzanos tho), Southern tomatoes, and/or, whatever you like.  You get the idea, yes?  The recipe here is with fire roasted canned tomatoes.  My Father switched to those some time ago, so now that’s what we use.  You know I play with that though..  Should you want additional layered flavors, say a brighter or more acidic, modify to your liking and play too.  Just know the longer this recipe remains in the jar, the more spicy it becomes.  Hot pepper choices may also need to be modified.  I like it hot!  Not so hot and spicy that I can’t enjoy because there is too much heat hot but hot! Anyway, enjoy.  Happy #tacoTuesday!




1 16 OZ Fire Roasted Tomatoes (add fresh tomatoes if you want)

Handful of Cilantro Leaves

5-8 Scallions

1 Jar of Pickled Jalapeños with Carrots & Onions (something like Mezzetta or La Costena)

1 Teaspoon of Garlic Salt (cumin dash is also a great addition)


Blend in a blender and pour into a Mason jar.  Store at room temperature until opened.  Refrigerate after opening.  Shelf life irrelevant as this salsa is almost sure to be consumed too quickly!

Until Next Time…