THE Mac ‘n Cheese




THE Macaroni ‘n Cheese

4 cups of macaroni
1 can of evaporated milk
2 eggs
1 block of sharp cheese (we used Hook’s 12 years old aged cheddar here)
8 pats of butter (before baking)

Bread Crumbs (optional)

Cook macaroni.  Strain (do not rinse pasta) and set aside in a mixing bowl.

Cut cheese into small squares

Beat two eggs.  Mix milk and eggs together.  Add salt and pepper.  Much like the Grandmother’s kitchen, in this recipe, “eyeball”  the salt and pepper when adding to the egg mixture.  Can’t really taste.  Eggs being raw and all.  Set mixture aside until cheese and macaroni are mixed together. Then pour eggs and milk mixture over the macaronis and sharp cheese cubes. Stir to make sure all macaroni noodles are coated and all ingredients look to be combined well.  Once combined, pour into buttered Pyrex 8×9 glass dish or similar depth cooking pans.  Cut butter and place another 8 thin slices on top.  Sprinkle black pepper on top, place butter on top.  Bake 375 degrees for 45 mins.


egg mixture
Hook’s 12 years old cheddar cheese

we make two small side dishes for photos..
mixed well..

bread crumbs optional

Until Next Time..