My Test Kitchen: Egg White Powder French Macarons. Round One.


Everything isn’t perfect. Rarely ever is. Life does happen. If we stop and take a look within the imperfections, there is beauty.  In that, there is much perfection. To boot, this is the case in my “she cave” “test kitchen” on a regular basis; especially in my most recent baking project. The Macaron. Not the ooey gooey mound of coconut cluster or the dry yet soft mounds of almond meal macaroon cookies both often dipped in chocolate.  I mean, the cookie of all cookies, The French Macaron.  A delicate pillowy puffy shell collapsible with a poke. These perfectly imperfect ridged circumferences are like no other in both flavor and style. The ones often filled with a ganaches or preserves that melt in your mouth. You know the one.  Conveniently gluten free.  Eaten by kings and queens and commoners alike. Eaten at weddings and in much celebratory fashion, this little cookie dates back to the Renaissance. The recipe we know today seems to have been created around mid 1800’s and then introduced in Paris, France in the late 1800’s. These days, there are shops all around Los Angeles.  After a recent purchase of egg white powder from a very favorite culinary store, Surfas Culver City, and a visit to “research” at ‘Lette Macarons Beverly Hills, I get to work. This is my first try. I don’t have a recipe for French Macarons, with or without egg whites let alone egg white powder and conversions.  So, after reviewing finds within my usual suspects; Google, Pinterest, Instagram and other blogs, I find one. Several recipes in fact. I combine recipes.  Threw in a pinch here and there soooah, let’s say, this recipe is in development and will not be listed below.  Call this, Round One, Test Kitchen and The French Macaron.

A couple of blog posts I use for inspiration:

Making Macarons: What I Learned in Paris

Macaron 101: French Meringue

My Test Kitchen

Some recipes have specific temperatures. Others suggest between 280-310 degrees F.

I pre-heat oven to 280 degrees F.  While the oven is heating, I begin to experiment and play with ingredients..

Parchment Paper Circles traced with espresso cup and colored pencil. Drawing begins the last night..
this will be placed under my SilPat
parchmnet under Sil Pat and line baking sheet
parchmnet under SilPat and line baking sheet
parchment paper under silpat
2016-05-26 17-46-51 -0700
Blanched Almond Flour with Egg White Powder
Cream of Tartar
Cream of Tartar and Confection Sugar
white granulated sugar
white granulated sugar
I use this brand
I use this brand
The start. First round sifting of confections sugar and almond flour..
second sift begins
final sift


egg white powder has been whipped with water and dry mixture added. All has been mixed with Cream of Tartar and whisked  on high speed with the Kitchen Aid Mixer
Shiny Egg whites. Granulated white sugar has been added
almost stiff peaks.. I may have added too much cream of tartar
folding in the almond four mixture and it seems a little thick..
after mixing I fill a gallon ziplock bag and pipe on to Sil Pat in the lines of traced rounds
waiting for oven drying on the counter
inside oven..
little sticking but overall success in removing this first round of little macarons to cooling rack
some are broken. Cooling cookies on wire racks..
wanting something lemony, I use this from my cupboard to pipe on cookies tom make cookie sandwich
wanting something with lemons and tart., I use this from my cupboard to pipe on cookies to make cookie sandwich
not perfect but delicious
Voila! Vanilla and Lemon Curd Macarons

I did it! While they are certainly no where near as beautiful or exquisite as ‘Lette Macarons, my little macarons are delicious and not bad for a first round.  If I do say so myself.

Until Next Time…


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