The Whisk

 The Cincinnati Refined website, known on Instagram @cincyrefined, was one of the first to post one of my photos outside of an Instagram repost.  I have only had my camera for about a month at this time.  I am still shooting on the automatic setting (afraid to play around and mess up the settings) and only using natural light from my kitchen windows.  The recipe, a test recipe.  Oatmeal cookies with cinnamon, spices, and white chocolate chips. I don’t like white chocolate chips but they are the only ones I have so into the dough they go.

I am honored and feel encouraged that not only did my photographs become one of the week’s roundups on the website, I make the cover.  While I haven’t perfected the oatmeal cookie recipe or learned everything about my Nikon DSLR, I am proud.  Stay inspired.  Celebrate the small successes of life.  And have fun!  Thank you again, #cincyrefined for the recognition.

first shot.. blurry a bit..
a closer look..
The Cover

Until Next Time…

the dishes and ..
printing photos.. and making cakes..