LAFW 2018


After the umpteenth rough draft, one of which looked like this:

[The Kentucky Derby of food and wine happens once a year in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival. This once a year was last week. It was fabulous. Sensational really. Dinners and grand tastings with some of the culinary worlds bests of the bests. Whats good cuisine without the wine? Good cuisine, of course. Lest we forget the wine. Those vines worked hard. I attend the final formal event of this year located at The Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, CA. Greeting come with a smile as bright as those from Kentucky in derby day. No words needed. A nod. The baton pass, a wine glass. This signifies the start. Off to the races. The doors open at 12:pm for most. VIP have the privilege of early entry. End time 3:pm. While hats are optional. I encourage them….(888***maybe all this..??I spray perfume parfume fragrance .before I leave. Shit. This is wine festival.. shit.. maybe it will disipate by the time of arrival.. its Chanel. I doubt it maybe..).. and maybe..what words are really needed to describe the Kentucky derby. ok maybe a bit about the horses and the purse and the odds and the best possible combination for the trifecta and what hat to wear. Isn’t the Kentucky derby about the experience. The event. A the late Jonathan Gold said..”sex quote.. writing while eating..” the same is true for Los Angeles Food and wine festival. the experience. so, if a picture is worth a thousand words, i offer you my photos then. an experience not to be missed. whether you attend a dinner from culinary genius or two or the grand tasting on the last weekend. i am partial to the sunday event, you will not regret it. find a link to the lafw website below. join their email list to receive newsletters about future events.. baton pass being a wine glass..  Wearing hats to either event optional.  I encourage it.]

I leave you with not many actual words, some photos, you know as they are worth a thousand words it seems, and a recommendation.  Not in that order.  Look.  I could go on to compare this event to the Kentucky Derby or the Olympics.  With all due respect, to LAFW, the Olympics probably a better comparison and/or may be better suited for Bocuse d’Or Competition.  I did like the wine glass baton pass.  I was going somewhere with that. Thought escapes me.  I should take a writing class.

Sign up for the Los Angeles Food & Wine newsletter.  Receive emails.  Stay informed.  The dinners and the grand tastings are an experience.  The chefs and talents are the best of the best.  What’s some of the most superb cuisine without superb wine? Superb cuisine, of course.  Lest not forget the wine.  Those vines worked hard.  See A Year in Burgundy or A Year in Champagne on Netflix for confirmation.  Again, you must experience the Los Angeles Food & Wine for yourself. The anticipation as you wait in line at a Grand Tasting to savor something so well worth waiting in line for.  The disappointment as the last taste of wine or nibble is served to the person in front of you.  Then going back to your other favorite line to taste a something again.  Ya know, confirming the second taste as good as the first.  A sip of sparkle and slate.  I could write until my heart content.  You could read about it until your heart content.  There is so much press.  This event is an experience.  All senses must be present.  You must be present.  That’s it. Experience it.  And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then here are my words on this one.  The best words I know.

*** please do yourself and your fellow attendees a favor, don’t wear fragrances***

Most of the week this on my computer screen..

photos from the event open on my macbook screen

Now some from the actual even shot with my Nikon 7200 and my iPhone..

The start.  The Uber drop off at the west gate..

The Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport, Santa Monica, CA

My eyes take a minute to focus. I am also juggling a Nikon wearing a 17-55mm lens holding a white wine glass..Rhianna blaring, in a good way, the vibe contagious. The next to last weekend of summer! SundayFunday

Lexus, you shouldn’t have.. a billion little lights, I can’t say for sure..Should #abillionlittlelightbulbs count the bulbs?  Oh how they twinkle..If i pull one, will they all turn off?! you know like the Christmas tree stand lights?
Experience Amazing–Don’t mind if I do..

Play by play..
..maybe these should read right this way?..
Here I go..Let the tasting begin!
First stop.. brunch should start with the bubbles.. Champagne bubbles, of course. SundayFunday
what to eat with the first glad of champagne.. this of course.. wowza. Great combination.
iphone photo.. scone, bacon tomato jam and chive..I could eat a half a dozen of these.. there is much to taste tho.. stop, yes. Progressive tasting. Let’s keep it real..
and then… the next..
I spy..
I spy..
Good ti the last sip..#simplythebest
LP #roseallday Champagne cheers with Kathleen (in of the reps)
I watch, I sip, I photograph.. I talk, another person comes.. this was the LP table vibe..
Simply the BEST.

these buckets are al around.. wine/spit buckets CLM (Coastal Luxury Management)
next stop..

the toss coming.. shellfish and..
I didn’t get a taste. Chef says next time, “Ill be the first..” uh-huh. I took a picture though..

Airstream and Don Julio.. a few specialty cocktails.. a choice to sip and digest to start again also available with silver and/or anjeo
Nebielo in a glass..
more Champgane

is the light slightly different here?
one of the prettiest plates.. veiny pastel flowers, lemon curd..ANTS..and pistachio dust.. umami of flavors..

pretty plate..contents and the plate..
I should have taken notes at every tasting.. I made an effort to spit..

…I am obsessed with the rafters and the lighting? Ya think…testing settings on my camera..

I spy..#monkeyshoulder

culture on a chip coming.. (insert emoji for yum!)

..and in the middle of the tents.. five stars,,..
dough in waiting.. for Sotto (local to Los Angles)


I don’t think I have ever been asked by so many people, “where did you get that?”..
California in a glass..

somewhere in between..

Texas in a bag..Fritos with ground beef, cheese (don’t remember which) and jalepeno and..i eat from he bag, I am not sure if this is the way to partake.. could be good on a plate too.. very fun and innovative..

more on the Fritos “nachos” in a bag..
Big Green Egg
I can’t think of a better way to wash my mouth
charcoal caviar crunchy fresh deliciousness

The “duck French dip”

Open up the champagne!! Popping bottles!
Coastal Luxury Management wine buckets for dumping and spitting..
487 Franklin in Los Angeles you will find a placed called Yarrow
..this is a carrot puree hummus beet crostino

this one from the bottle..

once I gain focus.. I taste. Salted caramel and chocolate.. I taste each on their own and then together and then top each with Guinness and then together again.. OMG!.. textures, temperatures and flavors stand on their own and together.. I’ll take another round.. scream, I scream for ice cream..yes, please and thank you..

the last sip..before the water.. Guinness from the bottle..

Maybe I’ll say a few words before I go..Will they mind?!..#hadtobethere

another successful LAFW Festival..(heart emoji)



a little bit of polenta and Fruition Farms Creamery with roasted corn kernels, ants with lemon curd and pistachio dust and more Fritos …an a little Yarrow..

me, seat belt in an Uber.. on the way to the art studio to download photos..and chill the Champagne courtesy of Laurent Perrier..

my art studio.. with my take home..