Garment Dyes: Indigo, Cabbage and Rit dyes..#workinprogress

natural dye from my kitchen
red cabbage used as dye..


I don’t really wear white.  Except White Tantric Yoga with the Kundalini yogis.  And the sort of white, more dirty than white, unisex t-shirt that I got from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It has small holes and stains.  Very cool.  So the less than half a dozen times in my life I decide that I want to sleep in white sheets has proved to be both surprising and a mistake.  Liking the fabric texture not a mistake.  Inevitable that I will get the white dirty.  And for some reason, I don’t sleep well in the white.  Don’t know why, I just don’t.  They all should have been black or navy for me.  No white.  After noticing some markings and such on the otherwise pristine bedding, I have tow choice.  Discard or dye.  I decide to have a little fun with it.   After looking at the ABC Carpet & Home website for inspiration some time ago and seeing some artisanal style garment dye jobs, I start a search.  How to DYI it.  Wanting to incorporate natural ingredients, and being all to familiar with the Rit Dye from childhood (I went through a tie dye phase, maybe still in it), I want to try a couple of other options. Natural and the Rit Dye.  Maybe find an expert or two.  Search one leads me to and an article entitled Natural Dye Made With Plant-Powerful Goodies .  

Beets, turmeric, chicory, and red cabbage are a few featured.  I check the refrigerator.  I am in luck.  I start with cabbage.

The Expert(s) video:

Some of the process…

the ladies on Daufuskie Island using local indigo..
(photo courtesy Willie Barnes)

My Cabbage Dyeing..

purple/blue cabbage..rough chop..
add cabbage to the water..

the water after the cabbage is removed..
remove cabbage after the boiling..
the pillowcase is the first..

work in progress..words and photos coming soon..