Munchery Monday

Mondays are about meal planning for me these days. How much money I have for the week and what I may want to blog about are also often considerations for a week of eating. In conversation surrounding meals, our favorite foods, blogging and time being money, my neighbor Sara tells me about Munchery. The name is so cute!  This is me being very girly.  I am immediately impressed. Could be her explanation, she is a way with words type of lawyer, and the photos that she shows me from Munchery website don’t hurt. Well done food stylists and food photographers.  Food comes neatly packaged at an affordable price. Fully cooked looking beyond delicious to the door.  A toasting of baguette, a toss or this or that, maybe adding a few spices really is all the required effort as far as I tell. And while I am interested, especially given me being lazy more often than not on these hot long Los Angeles summer days, at the time of mention, I have no need for food delivery service.  Now, my schedule and needs have changed.  To sweeten the thought of Munchery, a serendipitous promotional email for a complimentary meal (doesn’t include delivery fee), arrives in my inbox.  I decide, hell yes.  I need lunch on a Thursday. I will give Munchery a try.

If meal planning is a challenge for you, this is for you.  If you don’t want to cook or you are intimidated by the kitchen, Munchery is for you.  An unwillingness to sacrifice taste, complex flavors and seeking complete satisfaction from a full meal, Munchery is for you. And for the sometime you are able to forecast not being able to prepare meals for the kids and need something on the fly, Munchery is for you.  Dinner for one, Munchery is for you.  Unlike, Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon, (I have tried both) Munchery, as I mention above, arrives to your doorstep fully cooked and prepared in one or several neat earth friendly conscious little packages. Easy. No mess, no fuss.  I select from the choices of meals what I think to be the most healthy and often times viewed the most tasteless and least satisfying. Vegan.  Depends on who you are asking of course.  The vegan Moroccan bowl. It takes me two sittings to finish the one bowl. The arugula tastes so fresh it is as if it had been gardened that morning.  Spicy, peppery and crispy.  The mint too. And the currants.  Hearty protein packed green lentils and grains.  Least not forget the Harissa dressing and crunch sunflower seeds arriving with my salad.  Both necessary accoutrements.  Consider Munchery meals similar to that of a fairy godmother. Well thought out to assist you, and me, in making good complete food choices with that delivery right to the door. I know I mention this a couple of times.  It makes all the difference.  Offerings include, dinners, breakfasts, kids meals, sweet treats and drinks for your choosing.  Two delivery options.  Same day delivery or weekly delivery.  As they note, real Chefs making an impact using real ingredients for your convenience. Exceptional value.  So, thanks Munchery!

I take some photos which you will see below.  I am on a lunch break for this one and hungry so that’s that for today.  Now on to my own meal planning for the week. I am so looking forward to my next meal.

meal planning book
arrives in a cute size appropriate white logo handles bag with info and meal planning booklet..
open up..
add dressing and seeds.. replace top and shake shake shake ..



Until Next Time…

for later..