Chocolate Covered Strawberries

IMG_8769Hot summer nights call for a cool decadent yet light and often smaller desserts than normal.  While I love ice cream, sometimes I want something different. On the way home after a beach day, I stop by one of the 99 Cents chain stores for some miscellaneous house goods and see beautiful strawberries. I am hungry.  Strawberries in fondue situation, yes!  Given the heat in Los Angeles (110 F) I am in no mood to actually fondue.  I do not really like chocolate covered strawberries. The hard shell with soft strawberry is not for me.  However, they are so pretty and I have not ever made them.  Chocolate covered strawberries happen to be the next thing I think of after fondue.  Photoshoot!  Test Kitchen!  Perhaps this is an attempt for me to convince myself that chocolate covered strawberries are delicious!  Opting for non-glossy shell, omtting coconut oil or cocoa butter that can be used to add shine, matte chocolate strawberries coming from this kitchen today.  Too hot for complicated.  FYI: More than two ingredients today means complicated.

As far as I can tell, chocolate strawberries date back to the 1960’s in the United States.  They were created by a woman by the name of Lorraine Lorruso.  Mrs. Lorusso was said to have introduced these little beauties at a Stop N Shop in Chicago, Illinois.  I see why they caught on!  They are beautiful and easy to make.  Take a look!


chocolate bar should be broken and placed into a heat safe bowl over pot with boiling water
wash strawberries and pat dry
wash strawberries and pat dry


double boiler
double boiler
broken chocolate placed in a double broiler.. watch the chocolate not to over heat..
melt and sir occasionally


strawberries go for a swim
I create a hang dry with ramekins, coffee mugs on a wine box with skewers in my window sill area in my kitchen


I let them drip dry and cool before placing to refrigerate
One fell down



I enjoyed seeing these colorful and yes, I admit, tasty beauties in my kitchen! However, I didn’t successfully convince myself to make these my “go to” summer treat.  I do know, I like them more now and I will for sure make them again.  Even if it’s for nothing else but to photograph and give away!

Until Next Time…

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