Mason Jar Mixology presents: Homemade Amaretto

After dinner, sitting on a porch in the South Carolina, I sometimes want a sweet smooth viscous satisfying elegant drink with a little bit of a kick, the slight heat from the alcohol equals kick, instead of dessert.  In addition to dessert is mostly more accurate.  If I could give up dessert, and the occasional combination of the sipping and the eating, I would weigh 100 lbs dripping wet.  Where is the fun in that though?  In Los Angles, I do not have a porch or even a patio but I have the ingredients to make something that leaves me sipping pretty solo or with dinner party guests on any given long summer night.  Besides this bottle of vodka has been in my freezer for years.  Skyy Vodka, sugar, almond extract, Mexican vanilla, dark corn syrup, decaf coffee and water will create a sweet almond cherry finish spirit that will not disappoint. Amaretto liqueur.  That’s right.  In a little over an hour, including cooling time, you can be enjoying a sipping pretty experience too.  Porch or not.  South Carolina or not.  This simply elegant sweet bitter digestive will not disappoint.  Did I mention that already?

a typed version below

the presentation and storage debate
I choose to store in jars
twine and parchment paper make the presentation rustic, homemade and chic.. great hostess host gift



1 gallon water

6 cups of sugar

1 x 16 ounces of dark corn syrup

1 Tablespoon of decaf coffee

2 ounces of vanilla

3 ounces of almond extract

2 pints of vodka

The How To:

Combine water, sugar and corn syrup and boil for 50 minutes.  Add instant coffee and cool.  When cool add extracts and vodka.

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