Curry Mango Acai Sorbet For Breakfast Courtesy Of Cuisinart Gelateria

According to an article published by Huffington, the UK version, Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast Makes You Smarter, Science Claims, eating ice cream for breakfast makes you smrter.  This is reason enough for me me to have made ice cream this morning in my Cuisinart Ice Cream Gelateria. That and it so happens to be my birthday and I don’t have ingredients to make cake.  Not even one with white vinegar, no eggs and oil cake. I do have dried egg white powder and flour and cream of tarter. All purpose. Not cake flour.  I don’t want to sift. Ok, and, really I would like to have ice cream. Besides, Sprinkles Cupcakes has a cupcake waiting for me. Birthday tradition.  Mango pulp and acai are in my freezer. And a 1/4 can of organic coconut milk.  Sugar and water.  Technically this won’t be “ice-cream”. I bet there will still be cognitive benefits.  Somewhere between the cold water and the ice cream. I am addicted to the bowls at Juice Crafters.  The inspiration behind this breakfast.

From My Kitchen:

Ingredients:  Mango pulp, Acai from a Trader Joes packet, sugar, coconut milk, water, salt, curry powder, turmeric and cocoa powder

I got the idea midway through the making for the spices.  This is my best guess for the recipe.  I didn’t really measure.

Method for this making:

Bring three cups of water and two cups of sugar to a boil.  Add about a quarter teaspoon of salt and remove from heat to cool once dissoved.  Transfer to a bowl for faster cooling.  Once cooled add packet of once frozen now thawed mango pulp and an also once frozen now thawed acai packet to the simple syrup mixture.  (see example packets below) Add a teaspoon of curries powder and 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric.  A dash of cocoa powder and whisk together to blend.  Chill up to two hours or over night.  Once chilled, remove from the fridge and set aside.  Assemble the Cuisinart Ice Cream Gelateria and select Sorbet or ice cream setting.  Turn on and watch spin.  Once spinning then pour the cooled liquid slowly.  And that is it.  The beeping will indicate completion.  Please start the machine before pouring mixture.  The machine will lock and not spin.  Provided all goes well, you remember to press setting and spin, you can enjoy immediately.  I recommend transferring to another bowl and covering with wax paper and rubber band to the freezer for extra chilling.  Also, a metal ice cream scoop is necessary.  Ice cream is not to be scooped from the cylinder of Cuisinart Ice Cream Gelateria with a metal scoop.  I remember this as I scoop the example below.  I switch to a silicone spatula.


Try and enjoy!  Have fun. This Cuisinart has three settings.  One for ice cream, one for sorbet and one for gelato and comes with a recipe booklet.

Until Next Time…