The Grind. Coffee Inside and Outside the Press

IMG_0935Sitting at my drafting table I look down at my cup of coffee and start to think, How does the bean makes it way to my cup? What is so great about the coffee I choose? Is it because it comes from Equator Coffees and Teas and Bouchon Bakery Beverly Hills?  What is the difference between a short and long draw of espresso? Or is it pull of espresso?  Does the brewing vessel really matter?  Does what we put in our coffee affect the taste?  I set out to find experts to answer these questions and more on the subject. First stop Funnel Mill Coffee & Tea to meet with the owner JCho and discuss Syphone style coffee and then off to the BIOHACKING Conference in Pasadena to meet with Dave Asprey regarding BulletProof coffee.  Both of these gentlemen have passion for coffee and in their very own unique way. A coffee bean. Caffeine having the same chemical make up.  Different perspectives. JC has a focus on the coffee as pure brew taste and Dave focuses on the science of coffee and the body’s reaction in the mental and physical. Bulletproof coffee uses single origin bean.

First stop, Funnel Mill Coffee & Tea located in Santa Monica, CA.  I call and speak with the owner JC thinking I will make an appointment to have an “appointment only coffee” costing 90$ a cup. He agrees to let me interview him instead on a Sunday (he is closed on Sunday so he opens special for me) from 1-4pm and go more into depth and gives the history and discuss beans, how to taste coffee, styles of coffee and the overall 101 of coffee and why he chooses Syphone brewing style.

JC is co-owner of the Funnel Mill Coffee Shop. Served here is third generation family tea recipes and a cup of coffee by appointment only (I mentioned above) for 90$ a shot. The shop has a very relaxed family feel vibe and is a place you could easily settle into to work for a while or, IF you must, take your coffee to go.  A feeling of passion and appreciation for the beans and the customers are equal.

We arrive at the same time. He and I both get ourselves set up accordingly and the interview begins.  All questions are in order of organic conversation and demonstration…

Funnel Mill Rare Coffee & Tea 

Me: What is your background? How did you get started in coffee?

JC: Background in IT. Didn’t think seriously about it until I met my wife (at the time she was my girlfriend and we were dating ) At the time, we were sitting at the Father’s Office on Montana in Santa Monica, CA and she asked what was my five year plan. I said I want to have my own business. I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Reiland, Missouri (college town and pretty racist). I got my job to work at Southwest Airlines in Oakland, CA and I was tired of the travel and start looking for different type of career. A friend of my mine recognized I was good at computer and in IT and said come work for my company. Innovative Technologies. They custom make notebook desktops. They got bought out and I was unemployed for a while. EnlightCorporation offered me a job as a Quality control engineer assistant and the GM asked me to be his partner. I wasn’t sure I wasn’t ready so he took me under his wing.  He told me not to worry and I would work along side him.  Years after years I started to do well and then I got promoted to Senior and that meant lots of travel.

…the light bulb went off on a flight back to Los Angeles from Boston.  I had been going to coffee shop to coffee shop and  then went to China and came back and started working for Enligh Corp (state of the art technology stamping and servers came out in one piece) and contracted to build huge government hall Common Wealth in Boston under Bill Michael.  One day, I was still tired and needed coffee and a place to set up and do my instant chat and at the time video conferencing wasn’t up to par at the time. Rely on coffee house for faster hot spot wifi. It was popular (internet hot spot early 200s) but not enough and I was hoping from coffee house to coffee house and found a place close to MIT in Common Wealth Cafe and the light bulb went off. My wife has an extended knowledge in tea and I started jotting down notes and I presented these notes to her and I told her my wife) that we don’t serve food just coffee and tea family oriented establishment and the way coffee and tea are supposed to be served and be very family oriented and treat everyone like a friends and so on.. My wife thought about it and asked if we could survive on coffee and tea?  Then we did research.

..We even went as far to go to the 3rd street and asked people. We researched for five years. Focus group and marketing degrees will fight with me and blog sites are great if you are in different industry. Food and beverage industry sites are saturated. Opinions are opinions. Not to take as confirmed information, I mean take the research and advice as a suggestion. Everyones taste buds are different. One day is different than the next.  In IT, How much decoding process do you need?  How much this? How much that?  Everyone knows the guidelines. But when it comes to food, two pounds of tomato taste sweet one day and the next day go to the same fame and buy the same tomato and it tastes different. So, I listen to their opinions, but I don’t regarding the getting started and feedback. Always evolving. and Everything, When I say everything,…The word ‘everything’ (when I say everything it is exaggerated and fake and disloyal and fed by money) is disloyal and so much money to cover up the truth. For example, you can say “Sky is black” spend enough money on the concept the sky is black becomes the belief and so I ultimately trust my own taste buds. Everything else is a suggestion (all the research). Also, you have to understand who is your customer. Objective to drink coffee. Enjoyable experience. Enjoy their coffee. We didn’t want a hussle hassle and not be a grab and go place. Not coffee in a paper cup.  I am interested in catering to business person, professional educated. Not necessarily leisure or luxury.  People that enjoy a cup of coffee. We also have handicap and homeless people come in from time to time and they use my bathroom and I am the same to them. I give them coffee. They are human beings too.

Me: What is the first cup of coffee you ever had?  

JC:  First good cup of coffee; My “old faithful” is Costa Rica Tarrazu. His second “old faithful” is Ethiopia is Harrar.  Hot or cold. In my mug. I know it is always consistent. And to learn how to source the bean.. We went to this farm to visit in South America and talk to roaster and understand coffee and then we start to understand how is brewed and harvest and why and how the coffee farm functions.

Lid is off! Coffee time with JC at Funnel Mill interview. JC's "old faithful coffee"
Lid is off! Coffee time with JC at Funnel Mill interview. JC’s “old faithful coffee”

Me: How long have you had this shop?

JC:  We just celebrated 10 1/2 years.

Me:  What is fair trade coffee?

JC: Is more of a certification. The term fair trade to make sure the farmer takes care of the employee and the farmer gets a fair price for the handwork and the product. But unfortunately, how should I put it, the fair trade is a double blade sword. Take care of the farmer and employee and then you have Starbucks and ABC financial profit. So the other side of fair trade is money. Corporate America. They want this and that but don’t necessary want to pay and use quantity to drive down the cost.

Soy Bean makes more money than coffee. And if you ever get the chance go to Costa Rica. I have been there. Farmers sleep on the ground. I have been there. Workers sleep on ground. Wake up 5am and work until 6pm. They, the farmers,  get paid by weight.

Me: As a continuation of the Fair Trade conversation regarding weight and guidelines; How many beans are in the world? Can you even put a number on that? Who largest grower?

JC: A few years ago I stumbled on this article from SCAA. SCAA based out of Oregon. Coffee association. They want every coffee house to be a part of them. They are like a union. And I am not a member for my own personal reasons. According to them there is 1300 different crop in the world. Including both Arabaca and Robusta bean. And the largest grower I can’t say. Maybe Hacienda, Sout East Aisa, Jamacia (Japanese owned) and small from Gauetemala. Not about the largest grower at this time in the industry, More good price good quality. The way you sell the beans by the percent. So it is very simple.

-Top 10% will take any crop. Broken small not fully developed and roast and sell to companies like Starbucks for bout a 1$ lb.

-The top 5% more strict guidelines. Whole bean. No breakage. Sun grown and shadow grown and sell for about 2$lb.

-Top 4% and gets more expensive. Sun grown and washed with water. With two drying methods. One method honey net (net about ¼” to 3/8” thick with elasticity and less chance for mold to develop) and the other sun dry on concrete.  This sells for about 2.50-3.00$lb.

*** Fun fact:  Honey comb net is called honey process but doesn’t use honey and mold is killed off at 180F. Unless it is home grown.

-Top 3% Sun Grown. Not washed. Don’t want to wash off the flavor. Lots of sweetness gets washed off. This sells for about 3.50 lb.

-Top 2% of beans are shadow grown/under tree (no sun) and washed. These beans are more balanced and sweeter. No acidity. They sell for 4$lb or more.

-Top 1% of beans are shadow grown and not washed and are hard to find.  Special lot called Found Jamaican. Wallingford beans. All percentages can be grown on one plot of land in different areas on the plot.  For beans to be called Arabaca they have to be grown at an altitude of 3000-3,500 feet.

Local agriculture decides the percentage per region. Some areas also have coffee associations.

Me: What is the best climate for growing coffee beans?

JC: Above 3,000-3500 feet above sea level is a must for a bean to be called Arabica beans and below 3000 feet Robusta. You can have a 1% bean (shadow grown not washed) or a 5% bean (whole bean sun or shade grown-see above) on the same lot of land and the grower can charge accordingly. And how they determine the lot and percentage the local agriculture decides.

Fun fact: You can also buy Robusta coffee plants at Home Depot.  JC and his wife had one at Funnel Mill but a customer thought it funny to water the coffee tree with coffee..Robusta died.

Me: Are we still under Fair Trade?

JC:  Still under Fair Trade…Three years ago another standard was introduced in addition to the Fair Trade purchased certificate (Fair Trade is kinda like USD Organic).  Biodynamic. Cream of the Crop. Demeter Organization based out of Europe. What it is in order to be called Biodynamic, you can’t use any fertilizer, any pesticide, any man made chemical to grow this coffee bean.  In the entire world there are only four Biodynamic farms that are truly certified by Demeter or Demeter Organization.  Two are Brazil, One is Ethiopia, and one in Mexico.  Really expensive for the beans.  Probably about 5-6$ per pound. Demeter is more focused on actual faming than Fair Trade. Gleson’s, the Co-op in Santa Monica and even Sprouts. They use earthworms, ladybugs and mantis to enrich the soil and protect the crop.  Lots of people haven’t heard of Demeter before. Actually no, organic is entry level of farming. Then you have Demeter and dealing with Biodynamic. It is very expensive to do this. That is why there is only four true in the world. Because of the natural grown the crop, the crop can be unstable from time to time. Some harvest the bean will be a little bit larger or some harvest the bean smaller. Some the bean can taste more fruity and some can taste more chocolate.  There is really no set. Just like buying the fruit.  Some is sweet and some is sour and some is well balance. Downfall. Sort of like grapes. That is just Mother Nature. Can’t use chemical to grow crop. So coffee plant, when you grow at that high altitude you don’t have many predators.  But there is one that is very damaging to coffee crop.  The coffee beetle.  They are like the black widow in a sense.  Their shell is so hard that they can hibernate if they sense chemical for a couple of years and then come out and feed on coffee plants.

Me:  How do coffee plants look?

JC:  Coffee looks like a cherry. Like a cherry tree. Coffee plants come from cherry.

JC created a coffee and tea handbook for his shop. It contains the anatomy off coffee, drinks and prices, fun facts and more...
JC created a coffee and tea handbook for his shop. It contains the anatomy off coffee, drinks and prices, fun facts and more…
Anatomy of a coffee cherry
Anatomy of Coffee Cherry

Me: Explain Syphon Coffee.

JC:   Basics physic to brew coffee. Every syphon you see; No matter how big or small, little round, square, whatever. Whether brew 10 cups or 3 cups the bottom or the top may be different but the inner dimensions are the same. 12mm diameter.  These 12 mm diameters control the hot water. We use butane flame.  There are two kinds of burners. Butane and Halogen. Halogen has residual heat (like a stove). Not controlled. So we use Butane because it is more controlled heat. I can control the heat. We use cloth filters. Cloth filter wraps around metal disc and spring mechanism that hook with ball and chain though the glass tube and the 10b recoil spring to force the filter to stay down, remain flat. If you don’t lock the filter will flip. When the water reaches the correct temperature the filter will not flip if the spring and hook are locked. We use cloth because it is reusable. They  make paper but I don’t use because I am afraid it will break. Paper doesn’t affect the taste but it isn’t as steady.  We use our cloth filter once and then we soak and boil twice at the end of the day to get rid of oil and acid and air dry and ready for the next day. We have about 200 hundred on hand and go through an authorized dealer through YAMA. At 180 degrees we seal the chamber and when it reaches 190 degrees the fat acids escape and the coffee is now steeping. If you keep butane burner on you make Turkish coffee. We don’t boil while steeps.  It takes one minute to make a syphon coffee from start to the last drop.

Syphon coffee by JC
Syphone coffee by JC
butane burner
butane burner is on while JC is grinding coffee beans
12mm tube that connects top and bottom of Syphone ..these tubes always the same size
12mm tube that connects top and bottom of Syphone ..these tubes always the same size
bottom vessel filled with water and heating before top is added with grounds
bottom vessel filled with water and heating before top is added with grounds


JC filles the puts grounds in to start syphone process
hot water is added and grounds are slightly stirred..they begin to swell. The butane burner is constantly removed as to not make Turkish coffee..


time is almost up… the entire syphone process takes one minute
after stirring a little..again, don't boil the whole chamber.. coffee should steep at 185-190 degrees... ..creme espresso and bean grinds expands larger and larger and thickness doubles.. heat expands coffee
after stirring a little..again, don’t boil the whole chamber.. coffee should steep at 185-190 degrees…
..creme espresso and bean grinds expands larger and larger and thickness doubles.. heat expands coffee
fatty acid
fatty acid
Yes. This is the color your coffee should look like. Not a murky.. clear and amber color like whisky..
JC prepares a taste in espresso cups before pouring me an actual cup of coffee ..
JC prepare a how to taste after brew
JC prepare a how to taste after brew
The color of a true medium roast. In this case Magnum..
The color of a true medium roast. In this case Magnum.. this is not watery at all.. true color

Me:  Do you carry a decaf coffee? (I like to know what coffee people think of decaf coffee and if they carry a decaf)

JC: One decaf coffee. The Decaf Funnel Mill. They boil the bean in a French process style to get rid of all fatty acids.  Decaf still isn’t true decaf.  It has 60-80 milligrams of caffeine equivalent to that of cocoa cola.

Me:  Does espresso have the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee?

JC:  Yes and no. Shot of espresso 150-170 milligrams of caffeine. Volume makes a difference. 

Me:  When did coffee really get introduced in the United States?

JC: We can’t say for sure.  Was it Yemen or Ethiopia the one that introduced coffee to the world..Coffee in the U.S. was introduced in NYC.  The coffee house back then was very different that what a coffee houses are now.. they were more like prostitution houses..In the 1940’s it was more like a modern day massage parlor.  It was named Blue Bottle.  (there is one name Blue Bottle now in San Francisco, CA)

Me:  What do you think of Starbucks?

JC:  Starbucks has helped introduce special coffees. Starbucks is the “quick road” they are on every corner.  There could even be one next to each other. They sell say 1000 cups of coffee a day per location and we sell 400-500 cups. Starbucks standards are the same as far as temperature and serving time. We are a no rush environment.  Our experience is that people can come to learn about coffee and tea. Similar to a gourmet market.   We are a businessman friendly place.

~~~~I never call my place the best!  There are good and great-no best! -JC

Me:  What is the difference between dark roast, medium roast and light roast? Is dark roast more acidic than light or medium roast?

JC: Lots of people think dark roast that the most caffeine.  That isn’t true. Dark roast has less caffeine.  Medium roast means bean is cooked a little lighter than the dark but you have to carry the true flavor of the bean. Light roast is just cooked right and still contains the fatty acid inside the bean and has the most caffeine. And also light roast has been know to have the highest acidity taste. Then the flavor is brighter in the light roast.  Like Intelligentsia Coffee is know for their light roast in the industry. Really citrus and acidic and strong. Light roast is also called “under roast”. ..Means the bean not roasted to true character of the bean.  I like to stay more neutral.  Bright citrus, stay with light roast.

Me:  How do you roast the beans? Any particular roaster or machine style?

JC:   There are three types of machines. Gas, electric and air roasters.  Most common one used is fire (which is gas) and the benefit of using roast the bean more even than any other method of roasting.  The gas roasting technique is less environmentally friendly.  The electric doesn’t roast the bean as evenly but is more environmentally friendly.  And air roaster is mainly for small coffee houses or home use they use hot air as the heating element and this roasts the bean.  However, by the time the hot air travel to the roasting chamber it will not be as accurate.  We use gas, unfortunately. We have a roasting facility and during the holiday season we use the air roaster in house. Air roaster is fresher not as accurate. Focus on the temperature.  Seasons are also a factor.

Air roaster at Funnel Mill
Air roaster at Funnel Mill.. rosting chamber varies by about five degrees difference at Fahrenheit because of air travel..may have to roast longer.. mathematic compensations is often required..

Fun fact: French and Italian Roast that you see today is a way to use a bean so they are not wasted.  Many different beans are mixed to gather and roasted the same. Started back in Christopher Columbus travel days… because of mold even after rinse and roast beyond one crack (light roast) and two cracks (sounds like popcorn) and after that is dark roast…and that show we have blended beans..

Me: Do you grown your own beans?

JC: NO. Don’t have the time, energy or the strength. Really hard work.

Me:  Is there a proper way to taste coffee?  Does it depend on the style of coffee?

JC:  Taste coffee with a spoon first. Whether you taste in glass or ceramic doesn’t matter either.  in fact, we had a customer do a blind test. Took 50$ out of our pocket. He couldn’t tell. I didn’t take his money.

Me:  What temperature does the milk need to be for latte? Capp?  And what is your take on putting milk in coffee?

JC:  I have nothing against putting milk in coffee, ah, I myself prefer it straight and this is an individual taste. Do keep in mind once you add milk you lose the sweetness of the coffee.  Milk is sweet but if you start mixing tow sweet ingredients the milk over powers the coffee. If you add milk to Tanza Peaberry coffee, you lose the sweetness and gain more acidity.  Completely changes the flavor.

Me:  How long can the espresso shot sit before loses all crème? What is crème? How do you get the perfect amount? Is it correct to use the phrase, draw espresso?  How much does one shot of espresso typically weigh? How much does a double espresso shots weigh?  

JC:  There is so much to creme.  ICA, International Coffee Associates says there are multiple shades of creme. Simply because the espresso bean, how you temper, how much hot water, how much pressure of the espresso machine to the point even the type of water determines the color and flavor of the creme.  The body of the espresso. So, if yo ever have espresso that is watery, that means that the tamping wasn’t done properly, the pressure wasn’t high enough and the water wasn’t hot enough. SO, most likely the water was tap water or reverse osmosis mineral water.  If you use mineral water you will notice your coffee, this includes espresso, and tea are creamer.  We have mineral system. TDS measure.  (Total Dissolve System)  Mineral water is best for espresso and it makes is more slippery. We offer two mineral waters here. One helps hydrate quicker and the water tastes a little bit drier and sweeter.  We have two pumps systems. One for espresso machine and the other for drinking.  They are calibrated to espresso machine TDS (mineral content) 125-130 and the drinking water is 150-160 to hydrate you.  We use the same for espresso and syphon coffee brew.  Too little mineral makes espresso taste citrusy and metallic.  Too much mineral make coffee dull dry bitter.

Regarding pull and the correct phrase is pull espresso.

TDS water testing system
TDS water testing system
pictured is the difference between American Standard and European standard espresso handles

This is a question I am glad you asked because people don’t know what they are talking about. Standard American filter and European filter. According to Starbuck and chain standards, one shot is one ounce.  European Standard (strong) .7 ounces on average.  The European is more creamy, toasty and chocolate.  More concentrated.   We have all Ristretto.  Four  espresso beans. Vanilla, medium roast, dark roast and dark decaf.  These shots are more concentrated and creamy.  Long pull means tamped lighter and water runs slower.  Short pull the tamp is tighter and the water runs through quicker.  Short is also even more sweet than the long pull and both are the same amount by volume. Standard is 10-12 seconds per shot.  Long pull can take up to 20-30 seconds.  Short pull is about 5-6 seconds.  Starbucks is al long pull.  When you do a long pull creme doesn’t last. If you do a short pull the right you should have creme to the last drop.

(add photo of espresso machine and wants both sizes)

Me:  What is the best at home espresso machine?

JC: Rancilio Silvia Commercial machine for home use. Smaller version of what we have here. It provides accurate pressure, temperature and draws espresso shots just like the commercial machine. Custom setting just like commercial.

Me:  Why is coffee shipped in burlap sack?

JC:  So the coffee beans can breathe.

Me:  How do you store beans? Freezer? Refrigerator? Room temp? And do they expire? Do the beans leave flavor over time?

JC:  Room temperature in an air tight container. Only by half pound beans. One pound starts to lose flavors after a few days to week.  Better to purchase in half a pound.  Do not freeze.  Ziplock bag storage if you don’t have a good air tight container .You must lock the air our. Air oxidations and dries the beans out.

Me:  What type of coffee do you have at home?

JC:  I really do love Costa Rican. There is nothing more I can say about it.  Its just that good.  Around the holiday seasonal bean. But bean is hard to get sometimes..

Me:  If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be and what kind of coffee would you want to drink?

JC:  Tough question.  (He repeats the question)  Robert Di Niro or Al Pacino..I would like to pair the coffee with cigars too. For the coffee, there are two with a cigar for each.  Rare aged pure Cuban wrap with Nicaragua  or Aged Sumatra “Toba Tiger” or Bio dynamic Mexican Estates or Indonesia Kopi Luwak (difficult rare beans only produce 500 lbs-1000lbs a year world wide) with Maduro wrapped Cuban (deep dark raw cacao flavor)..I also usually do this every Christmas with three friends except last year as the bean was hard to find)…


Bullet Proof BioHacking Conference Interview

After emailing, thinking I would go to the new Bullet Proof Coffee Store in Santa Monica, CA I am instead redirected to Bulletproof Public Relations in New York City.  It just so happens this article coordinates with the timing that Dave Asprey will be in attendance at the Biohacking conference in Pasadena, CA.  Details are organized via email and all is set; October 25th is my date.  I am super excited. I also decide to take on trying the Bullet Proof Coffee drinking for a few days to find out what difference it makes in my daily. I visit the store in Santa Monica for my experiment.  I for sure have more energy and I am less hungry. There was no coffee crash and I feel more alert.  I attribute this to the saturated fat caffeine combo and specialized products.  I also took on a home hacking version which wasn’t nearly as good. I use coconut oil and French butter instead of the Bulletproof products and melt not blend. Latte consistency doesn’t exist, obviously, and not using using Bulletproof products, while mine were good, was not as effective.

Please find  photos of the Santa Monica location and the interview with Dave Asprey and photos of step by step Bulletproof process from the conference below.

Dave Asprey spent the many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop the Bulletproof technology. He struggled with depression and being overweight. Bulletproof coffee changed his life.

The interview questions are in no particular order as it occurs through organic conversation…

3110 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405
3110 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Bulletproof coffee products for purchase to take home
Bulletproof coffee products for purchase to take home in Santa Monica, CA location
2015-11-12 10-40-15 -0800
Bulletproof coffee and vanilla bulletproof bar.. the Bulletproof bar cashew and vanilla (two of my favorite things)


Dave Asprey interview: (10.25.15)

Dave sits down and says, “I will keep my tinted glasses from the Erlin Institute..they make my brain work really well.” He looks at PR sitting at the table with me and says “While not on video I will be relaxing.”(meaning behind the glasses) He looks back to me “What questions, what can we talk about?”

Me: I notice for your beans are single origin and come from Central America. Are your beans grown in the sun? Are they grown in the shade? Are they rinsed or not rinsed? Will you take me through the process a little?

 DA: Bulletproof process beans today come from Central America and working on bringing it to other places. The coffee is shade grown. But, in fact it’s all grown on the same plantation. What we do is different. The idea of washed and not washed is what normal coffee people do. What they do is take the coffee and take in giant cement or tile open air vats and let them sit there for a couple of days and the fruit spoils/ferments and they rise that off and process the beans. And what we did is we put an infrastructure on top of that and we have these three big pipes and we pump, basically wash the beans and literally rinse them and pump the beans through a continuous removal of the cherry and remove cherry, the fruit without ever allowing fermentation, so the beans are entirely unfermented. So, all the stuff that grows on the coffee in those vats which is uncontrolled fermentation or whatever is in the air grows and instead of that happening we have nothing that grows on the coffee and we use lab testing to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Me: Where is your lab testing?

DA: We test in the United States. We use a variety of third party labs. Coffee is very hard to test for mold. It is documented to hide some of the toxins that are regulated internationally. There are no standards in the US. So you can sell any coffee that you want. Stuff that gets rejected from Japan and Europe gets sent to the US. So instead of hoping to get something clean and say this is clean coffee because I tasted it you can’t taste five parts per billion. But you can test for it. We know in our coffee the process is designed to not allow that to happen. The lab testing is there to verify the process worked. You do all the things right and you prove that you did it right. That is the clean process for coffee.

 Me: If you could have bulletproof coffee with anyone one in the entire world and share the experience with them and your experience and how you came about it, who would you want to drink this coffee with and why?

DA: Hmmmmmm. That is a really interesting question. Do they have to be alive? I would want to hang with Nikola Telsa. Yeah. Nikola Telsa was doing crazy biohacking stuff like hacking biology. He is more famous for his electrical stuff.. In fact the Bullet proof vibe that we make was originated and the idea behind that was by Tesla and the idea that are vibrations that affect people and all magnetic fields and other things that have biological and physical affects. I think it would be great fun to let me turn up your brain with my stuff and you turn up my brain with your stuff.   That would be fun.


Me: Do you have a decaf version? (we had great fun with this question.. lots of off the record, off the record laughing!)

DA: We do have a decaf version. For weak people…I am just kidding you can say that. It’s a joke. That’s a joke. For people with adrenal stress or don’t metabolize caffeine. There are studies that show that coffee is still are really good for you and getting the antioxidants in coffee is still a good idea. So that’s why it’s there. I drink it before bed sometimes because I like coffee. It doesn’t keep you up. Decaf is twice as toxic as normal coffee, even in places where they have coffee standards. Decaf is allowed to have higher amounts of toxin.

 Me: Why is that?

DA: Because Lower quality beans because no one would take good coffee and decaffinate it because it ruins the flavor. SO we take our lab test coffee, that pains me and send it from Portland to Vancouver to the place where you can do the water process decaf and we bring over the border and roast it. Cleanest decaffinated you can make.

 Me: Is it single origin bean as well?

DA: Yes it is the same bean, same coffee. Breaks my heart to do that to really good coffee but if you want to have the clean effect that is how you do it.

 Me: What’s next for you? Do you know? Are you going to continue to move forward with what you are doing right now?

DA: Bulletproof is growing. We are getting into to distributing through grocery stores. As an e-commerce company people keep like why would you open stores and go in to grocery stores. We have our second Bulletproof location in Los Angeles at 1 Santa Fe in Arts District.  Which is pretty cool and really nice. New build out and get everything we want and not have to do with what was there before. The idea with going into these grocery stores and opening stores is about maximum reach and not profitability. Kind of similar same things as Amazon. …1% market profit we will do that because we want to do that. I feel like every time I get someone to try bulletproof coffee , something very specific, biochemical happens and they get a new kind of energy from fat instead of from sugar. I can walk through biochemistry of this, I know this, I feel it. When people drink it they are like my day, I feel better. Maybe I can feel like that more often and they’ll start changing what they put in their bodies because that state of high performance is so addictive and you feel good and we are wired to feel good. And its not like I feel like I am on drugs, its like I feel more like myself. I have all this energy and I didn’t yell at my kids today and isn’t that cool. It’s that kind of a feeling,… and I can tell people about it all day long but until they experience it they won’t know. Bulletproof coffee is just a gateway, there’s a lot more to biohacking and I know if I show people one time this is how you are supposed to feel then they will start switching to organic vegetables and they will drop low quality food from their diets and they will insist on eating real food which means the big companies will actually have to make real food and stop making fake food and it will cause big shifts in the quality of our society and our planet by showing people this is how you are supposed to feel and Bulletproof coffee is the tip of the arrow to do that.

This is how you are suppose to feel and I will keep growing through every channel I can because I feel like it helps people.

Me: Do you think it enhancing performance for elite athletes?

DA: Deffinatly some evidence of that we have multiple world champions we are ambassadors. The LA Galaxy is using it. Ahm, let’s see, almost countless pro athletes who have been like oh my god, this changes things. The resilience is there..People have completed the iron man on bulletproof coffee. I would suggest that doing long- term endurance sports actually requires some carbohydrates too. It’s not a good idea to only do it on fat. But fat as a primary fuel source for the body is at least as important of sugar its just we have been missing that for a long time. You have both of them, then you are less anxious, you build better hormones. You have less hormonal fluctuations of blood sugar hormones as well as the sex hormones and then all of a sudden the quality of life goes up and that’s what its about.

Me: Are your cows American?

DA:  The cows these are either from New Zealand  or Ireland.  It is almost impossible to  get grass fed American cows.

Steps of Bulletproof coffee

*narrated by Dave and transcribed and shown to me step by step by Justin (pictured with me below)

In this particular preparation instead of starting and grinding the beans we start with already prepared hot Bulletproof coffee, add and blend.

Bulletproof coffee
Bulletproof coffee brewed hot
New Zealand grass fed cows butter
2015-10-25%2015-27-59%20-0700-2 Cuisinart blender waiting for the ingredients


2T of New Zealand grasped butter wait for the Brain Octaine


Brain Octane. 6% of fat from Coconut oil. Extremely rare type of fat and when you have this fat it raises key tones in the body. Key tones are fat burning energy bodies that your brain can raise instead of sugar. SO now the body has two sources of energy. Sugar and these key tomes that only happen when the body is fasting..
Brain Octane. 6% of fat from Coconut oil. Extremely rare type of fat and when you have this fat it raises key tones in the body. Key tones are fat burning energy bodies that your brain can raise instead of sugar. SO now the body has two sources of energy. Sugar and these key tomes that only happen when the body is fasting..
Hot Bulletproof coffee (190 degrees F) being blended with the other added ingredients. These beans are lab tested and special process for Bulletproof.
after the blending.. beautiful latte looking drink.. creamy. don’t taste butter or oil.. a waking up that isn’t bouncy. very stable don’t want snacks..
the pour
Justin and me enjoying Bullet proof coffee..

Whether you choose to try one of the mentioned styles  in the post above (which I hope you do) or drink coffee as you always have, may you now have a better understanding and appreciation for coffee in your cup.

Until next time…

Equator Coffee & Teas for Bouchon Bakery in my kitchen
Equator Coffee & Teas from Bouchon Bakery for Bouchon Bakery in my kitchen