The Clean Beauty Mart

If I had a nickel for every time I heard in the last seven years, “you are so good at hair you should be doing hair color”,  I would reside and own 740 Park Avenue in New York City.  The conversation would start because of my hair color (which I formulate myself and almost always apply myself) and blah blah blah and so on.  I basically taught myself how to do corrective color.  That’s part of how I ended up in the school and a career changer.  Oh and “blogging, you should blog” they’d say.   So here I am and this brings me to you and the Clean Beauty Mart.  I like to call it “the market”.  It was part of the draw for me to come back to the hair salon.  At a party I meet one of the owners of Clean Beauty Market, Laurent Saint-Cricq.  This South of France native invites me to come to the market after our discussion of our mutual love of food, beauty products, and hair.  The collision of two worlds.  Kitchen to cosmetics, sounds better.  Collision of two worlds sounds more like a superhero movie theme maybe.  Anyway, this hair salon and a kitchen to cosmetics mini emporium is located at 205 South Roberston Blvd and 8800 Charleville in Beverly Hills. Entrance through either door will get you inside.   All products are natural (many of which are vegan) and organic.  There is about one hundred different product lines from all over the world. Over three hundred different products. Toothpastes, deodorant, femme hygiene products, oils to aid in finding your spirit animal, fragrances and perfumes, face masks, makeup, antiseptic sprays, and bath salts are some of what you will find.  And if you get hungry while shopping, the Kalumi Collagen Protein Bars (created by supermodels) are available in three different flavors to purchase.  Eat while shopping. All are welcome.  Everything is tested before earning a place on the shelves here. The aesthetic is rustic chic.  The walls and tables created with reclaimed wood and built by Laurent, his business partner and his Clean Beauty Mart team.  I had the opportunity to interview Saint-Cricq after the party night.  You never know in Los Angeles if an invitation actually stands.  This one did.  He shows me around.  Introduces me to a few of his favorite products.  One of which is Cannabis oil product.  Progressive thinking and on-trend. And while the interview not as extensive as some of my other expert interviews, we certainly have a good time.  I leave with some samples.  Oh, I now have a chair at the Oliver Laurent Salon Beverly Hills too.  Super bonus!  I am a hair colorist. I get to visit the Clean Beauty Mart all the time as the two are under the same roof and try products out during some hair services which is very great.

(Interview and outtake videos / photos below)

photots taken with my iPhone.. there are so many great products here..
outside Clean Beauty Mart

if you love products.. look no further..

i did a blog post about this.. except this is an elevated version that didn’t come form my kitchen cabinet and its amazing..
and this one…earthy sandalwood, coconut oil and extremely moisturizing ..
a favorite toothpaste amongst the staff (if the salon and the Clean Beauty Mart.. very popular..
playing around with products..Clean Beauty Mart also sells these brushes..One stop shopping..
CBD love, le’ts hear it for CBD love

and that wall tho..the first pop of color upon entering the market through the 8800 entrance..
Not tested on animal. Pucker up! This is your new go to gloss! I promise.
delectable (can a lotion be that?)
Femme Hygiene Products

..too lazy to wash your face? This product is here to save the day. It’s for people like me that tis for sure. I often sleep with my makeup on, I know terrible.. and this packaging is great. I feel like my skin looks cleaner looking at it.
Laurent’s favorite, two of his favorite, products..

Snow Fox. Excellent product line and the packaging tho.. (don’t tell the other products)
What a great name- Mad Hippie, so cool! right?!
Ayurvedic skin care
glass water bottle with crystals inside
these are super fragrant and excellent for things like headaches when rubbed on the temples and behind the ears
made in France
almost good enough to eat..


what is your “spirit animal”

One of Laurent’s favorite products
Laguna in a jar! Yes, please..


As you can see there are numerous well packaged, environmentally friendly quality products for your testing out in the store, asking questions about, and for purchase.  If you can’t make it ours or to any of the freestanding locations mentioned in the video, products are available for purchase 24/7 on the CleanBeautyMart website.  So, now you know.  Again, any general questions or product inquires for the Clean Beauty Mart can be answered directly by Laurent and his team via their website.  Fill out the contact us form located on thé Clean Beauty Mart website.  Response time is usually twenty-four hours.  As for me, you know where to find me.


Until Next Time…

and I’ll be brushing my teeth in style..

I brought home some charcoal toothpaste and toothbrush made by PearlBar