Okra: Hair Mask Food


Okra is packed full of vitamins and an excellent gut health food.  This isn’t a post to persuade you to want to eat this southern staple though.  I am here to let you know, okra’s gel makes an excellent moisturizing hair mask for curly and color treated hairs.  Especially curly hairs given the lack of moisture this hair type contains given its shape and chemical makeup.  I have to admit I never thought this slimy food could be great for much.  I don’t eat okra unless fried, which is rare.  Whether you eat okra or not,  these little green pods have Vitamin K, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Calcium and proteins that add moisture to otherwise dry hair, and skin but that’s another post.

Items you will need:

Okra, pot, water, cheese cloth, bowl, jar with lid, rubber band, spoon, fork, slotted spoon, timer, shower cap, scissors to cut cheese cloth and open the okra bag

Take a bag of frozen yogurt.  I use Galil Baby Okra. Cute because they are small.  Bring okra to a boil.  Continue to boil for about five minutes.  Let the okra cool slightly so that it not too hot.   Transfer okra with a slotted spoon to a bowl.  You could also strain in colander but save some of the warm water.

Fill cheese cloth line jar with okra.  I start to break up with a fork to expose seeds and innards.  Then with to a spoon.  A spoon I find works better as not to get caught or tear the cheese cloth.  As I break open the okra the gel oozes out and I notice it quite dense. I add the warm water from the pot where okra was boiled little by little to offer a bit more fluidity to the gel.  Helps with the straining.  My cheese cloth holes are a bit small.

Once all okra has been broken up and as much gel as possible with the spoon. Remove rubber band and make a cheese cloth pouch and squeeze the cheese cloth to get the last little bits of gel from the okras.

I have short hair, which means I don’t need much okra gel and I opt just pour the mixture from the jar on my head in the shower after washing washing my hair.  A hair color application brush can be used or even a pastry bag for the applying should you choose not to pour or need to section your hair.  I put a shower cap on after I pour and massage gel through my hairs as to let set, maintain moistures and not to rinse out right away.  Once the bathing and shaving and such in the shower are complete for me I remove the shower cap and rinse the okra gel out of my hair.  Some extra curly extras could mix with oil (avocado or coconut) and leave in the hairs as a leave in conditioner.  Immediately, I notice my hair feels amazing.  Not only does my hair feel softer, so do my hands.

okra in pot of water

secure cheese cloth with rubber band

squeeze gel into jar
okra gel

I save the okra as I may try a face mask after cooling…

Until Next Time…

I hang my cute polka dot shower cap.