The Rose Bowl Flea Market

With millennials collecting more experiences and less stuff, Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing book (in case you missed my post on that one, here it is Decluttering?  Does It Bring Magic and Joy?) and the the Swedish Death cleaning, one would think places like the Rose Bowl Flea Market not to exist?  With more than 45 years and 2,500 vendors, seems this flea market will go nowhere.  Thankfully.  The second Sunday of the month you can experience the reason behind their success.  Yep, that’s when to go.  9$ to enter.  Early birds pay a little more and have first pick from what I understand and can tell from the home web page.  I can’t imagine anyone not leaving with something. You know the browsing not turing into buying, even for a die hard I don’t need anything millennial.  In fact, I go to help my friend and her neighbor find art for their homes.  Not only do I help find art, I find inspiration and I only took my phone out a couple of times.  I knew I was having fun.  Not that I don’t have fun when I take my phone out.  And certainly as I type now, I wished I had taken more photos so you could have seen some of the coolness.  I am happy I don’t though.  In case you didn’t get it.  I had fun.  Different fun.  Before phones kind of fun.  Just being fun.  How could I not though.  There are so many interesting things and people at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  I also discover what my best of twenty years has new interests and likes that I had never even asked about.  Again, let me emphasize, for me not to take my phone out to photograph is something.  I had no intention of even blogging about this place either.  Of course, designers, costumers and thrift shopping enthusiast know about this flea market and the many treasures here.  Even if they do, I can’t help but think that each time they must be amazed.  I was amazed.  Smart, cool people.  Interesting things.  Fun.  Parking is free.  Lemonade.  And wine, cocktails and beer too.  Quality time.  Vintage t-shirts, fur coats, leather jackets, crystal, silver, does, farmhouse chic, retro and modern. Doors, tablecloths and napkins, rugs.  You name it.  Most certainly variety and selection of goods from which to choose.

The three of us come together and park a few blocks away.  We walk and talk and enjoy each other in company in the early part of this Sunday morning.  I buy a canvas for painting or photo shooting(2$), a color chart (5$) and a vintage boys t-shirt (10$) sure to be sold at Barney’s New York for hundreds.  And in the event of me purchasing a home in Malibu, CA, I find a really cool vintage milk jug lamp.  It had been marked down from 25$ to 20$ and I ask if I can take it for 15$.  The lady at the booth wants this lamp to go to a good home and said she loves my tattoos.  To my 15$ request, she happily agrees.  I am happy.  Another lady agreed to the request and decision too as she listens.  She compliments me on my street style and admits to seeing me walk by earlier in the day and liking my wardrobe.  The lamp is mine.  Thank you. I love it.

My friends buy some blue prints of movie set designs and vintage theater posters.  Taking inventory a few hours later on our walk back to the car. We realize we have done great!

Make plans to go next month or the next, because if you have not been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, all I really need to type is —Go.  This place is one of the GReATeST places on earth!!! (yes, I know earth is big place)..Go! under the Rose Bowl category goes general information.  Any additional questions, call the number listed.  Next event Sunday February 11th.  I can’t wait!


Food court and Lemonade after entering the flea market gates..
My Friend in search of wall art to go above her couch in her new home, purchased this..
this comes home with me..along with a canvas board..
Milk Jug Lamp..and this photo does her no justice.. much cooler and prettier in person..


and of course one of the best tree-shirts in the world..

although it looks a bit different now..

highlighter on the collar and smells like the ocean and… at least the holes are in the same places..

Until Next Time…