Sea Salt Spray in January=Tousled Sexxy Beachy Hair

Wile there are hundreds of ah-may-zing salt sprays on the market, making your own can be fun and easy.  And a little less pricey in some cases.  I mean, who of us doesn’t want to have hair that looks effortlessly done, sexy and tousled as if we have come from the beach anyway?  I most certainly do, especially today and since my hair is growing out, and as of today, I have had enough of winter.  Despite the short cool days being better for running, I could care less this year.  Sexy tousled hair and my dewy yet tight sunbaked skin tasting like salt, eating s’mores by a bonfire in my swimming suit and a summer hat with friends sounds far better right now than winter.  It is winter for me in Los Angeles, in case you didn’t get that, and yes, Los Angeles has a winter.  The inspiration for this is the middle of winter came from my most recent sea salt coffee bath post and the many winter Epsom salt baths thus far.  And me wishing for lust worthy locks.

Here is a recipe taken from two different blogs. and

1 to 2 tsp unrefined salt (I use Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt)

1 cup filtered water 

1/4 tsp avocado oil (in my case)

2 to 4 drops lavender essential oil (or oil of your choosing) Palo Santo Oil, Citrus, etc.  I don’t use oil. My preference.  

Heat water gently on the stove so that it is warm, but not yet boiling. Add salt and stir to dissolve completely. Allow water to cool to room temperature. Pour into spray bottle and add lavender and argan oil. To use, shake vigorously and spritz all over damp hair. Allow to air dry.

That’s it.  Easy.  And now you have a little bit of summer.

i have several different salt from which to choose.. some of which are not displayed here.. these seem to make the most sense.. kosher salt is the final choice for today.. i will experiment and find out which works better..


screw spray nozzle on to the bottle and .. that’s it…

Until Next Time…