Sea Salt Coffee Bath

 It is the first weekend of the new year.  What better way to continue the new year self care than with a sea salt coffee bath.  Salt water is healing.  Not to mention salt water detoxifies a and clears negative energy (if you subscribe to this negative energies clearing thinking, of course) leaving skin feeling like you have just taken a dip in the ocean.  The coffee add is a nice bonus improving circulation while tightening and smoothing the skin.  Use decaffeinated coffee though if you are taking a bath in the evening or night hours as the skin will absorb the caffeine and you could be awake all night if you happen to be affected by caffeine.    Regardless of the time of day, only soak for twenty minutes though.  Sea salt is different than it’s sister Epsom as shorter soak time is necessary.  I promise, twenty minutes is enough to do the job and heart smart.  Embers the whole body, including the head, you won’t be sorry either.  You can add essential oils in the soak as well but I recommend saving that for after though.  Let these two ingredients work their magic first. If you must, as I sometimes do, sprays are also a nice way to enhance the home spa experience.  Sometimes, I use Carole Shashona’s EMPOWER mandarin citrus basil or PURIFY sage cedar meditation mist.  Both are available for purchase at Barney’s NY.


26 ounces of Sea Salt ( I use Kosher Diamond Sea Salt)

2 cups of black coffee (decaffeinated or regular)

Soaking time:  20 minutes

The water looks murky and hardly appealing after coffee added. Once you submerge you will forget all about this.

I prepare the 26 ounces i my kitchen
Once salt is dissolved in the water, I add the coffee. I decide to give decaf a try this time.. As of now, I do prefer caffeinated.

Aahhhhh… water becomes clearer…so relaxing..

Until Next Time…