kitchen to cosmetics: skin care and Georgette Klinger

“What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body” – Georgette Klinger.


Up until now, I haven’t had any sort of skin care beauty routine. Well, not in the last seven or so years.  I did do highlights for PR of a skincare out of Manhattan Beach, CA and her assistant used to send boxes of products to me twice a year.  She sent more than enough needless to say.  Someone recently asked what I use now though.  I said samples for the Chanel, Cle de Peau Beaute, maybe a little La Mer and the occasional coconut oil under the eyes.  Again, until now.  As we get age natural collagen production declines and fine lines and wrinkles are more visible.  While I am not against botox or fillers, I am not ready for that.  I would prefer to get bangs and hide from the sun and stand on my head a little more or incorporate another mediation.  Not sure if the later helps other than in my mind.

Our skin is our largest organ and one that I too often do take for granted. While none of us are safe from free radicals or age, if we can naturally prolong a bit, why not try.  If am to use a skin care product, I prefer to be as natural as possible.  Yes, drinking lots of water helps.  Hydration, glow and overall skin radiant does come from within, at least in my opinion, a little vitamin C serum or mask won’t hurt though.  My friends know how obsessed I am with kitchen ingredients used topically.  Skin care, cosmetics and Aryuvedic treatments, and then some.  Enter the Georgette Klinger set.  Gifted to me from my enthusiastic friend. “You are going to love this!!!” (lots of punctuation and maybe a profanity) she says. She was right.  No animal testing, no cruelty, and paraben free helps.  I do.  I have been using Kat Rudu coco honey papaya cleanser made in Venice, CA.  Sort of, anyway.  I love it. An actual regime is another story.  Sometimes I use a cotton ball and a micellar.  No water needed.  Sometimes I don’t even wash my face.  Sleeping with make-up on for a night maybe two.  If I am running late, I refresh the night before and now slept on look and continue about my new day.  So, here I am.  For the last month I have been diligent.  Cleansing my face with a cleanser. Vitamin C toner to follow and coconut spray mist to follow that.  Twice a day. Yes, this means I also don’t sleep with make-up on.  Once night I did.  One night in a month is not bad for me.  Overall, I have done great and feel great.  Taking care before bed offers better sleep too.  These products smell so delicious, not only do I want to use them but I want to eat them.  While they are natural, I don’t suggest this. They are very light weight after application and don’t leave residue. And no break-outs. (touch wood) My skin hasn’t looked this good in a long long time. (touch wood again)  I have a refreshing healthy glow.  My face is visibly brighter, my pore size has reduced and my skin tone much more even.  I have stopped wearing foundation all together in fact.  I also incorporate a face mask.  Extra collagen and all.  Wow, what a difference.

The products:

3X Make-up Remover

Vitamin C Toner

Coconut Facial Mist

Collagen Elastin Mask

***If I do wash my face I use the Kat Rudu Coco Honey Papaya Enzyme Cleanser (this is also smells good enough to eat)

Georgette Klinger products have been around since 1941 and started on Madison Ave in NYC and migrating to Beverly Hills in several years that followed in 1969.  The simple and elegant packaging holds oils, fruits and vegetables found in our kitchens and in our gardens that are formulated with care to provide healthy, hydrating solutions to solving skin problems such as sun spots and acne while enhancing the overall appearance leaving a glowing complexion.  Like I said, natural ingredients topically in non-abrasive wallet-friendly sort of way, don’t mind if I do.

Not sure you want to take the plunge and start a new or first skin care, samples are available upon request via the website.

Thank you Georgette Kilnger.  I am a believer in the skin care regime.  I look forward to trying out more products as time goes on and seasons change.  Who knows, maybe Ill start getting facials regularly.  Now if I  could only remember to drink more water.

Until Next Time…