Start Your Day with a Ginger Wellness Shooter

New Year. Winter. Wellness shooter. Ginger and Lemon. Cold pressed juicer.  Maybe a pinch of cayenne.  Does a body good.    Ginger and lemon juice have anti-inflammatories.  These two individually reduce pain and soothe. Together, superfoods in action for sure. Both promoting digestion, detoxify and not to be forgotten boosting the metabolism.  Often mixed with the above mentioned cayenne, garlic, turmeric and maybe even honey when one is sick.  Who wants to wait for that.  Feel energized and proactive in your health with one of these every morning.


One knob of ginger root

half of a lemon

Omega juicer or hand held juicer.  I use OMEGA cold pressed.

That’s it!  The perfect breakfast shooter.  While tequila is tempting and supposedly has healing and aids in weightless, this ginger lemon combo will probably allow for a more productive day.  So, cheers and bottoms up!  Here’s to health.

Until Next Time…

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