Minibar delivery? Sign Me Up!

Unexpected, last minute guests come over as you are on the way out of town and the fridge is void of any bottle of anything to offer, need a host gift, run out of product in the midst of an event or can’t be bothered to stop by the market on the way home or forget that bottle of wine, beer or spirits after leaving the market (how many times have I done this) delivers.  And fast.  They promise under an hour too!  For me it was less than twenty minutes and in Los Angeles that is a miracle.  Repeat after me,  #trafficmecca.  Everything is either twenty minutes or hours.  Could be that today is a Sunday and a holiday weekend, I can’t say for sure.  Regardless, under an hour is still excellent timing.  I order a bottle of La Marca Prosecco and Miraval Rosé.  The rosé arrives chilled.  There is a $5 off promo offering upon checkout provided you sign up for the option to receive email letter delivered to your inbox.  They also offer repeated monthly delivery orders so you can take the worry out of needing libations altogether.  You, your guests and your refrigerator will thank you.  The selection is nothing to scoff about either in their mini bar online market.  Comparable pricing to that in the local markets.  Take advantage of this make life a little easier service!  Just in case, upon delivery, have an age appropriate 21 years and older ID ready.  You may get carded.  And for those of us olders, there is not thing wrong with that.  I couldn’t have been more impressed with this site or the customer service.  I even got a follow up email the next day.

Here is to enjoying the last days of summer and chilled rosé all day!  Cheers to that and wine on the fly!  And please, drink responsibly.

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