you know it.  i find a table. in an alley.  not my alley but still. what is it with me and Japanese style dumpster diving. after some time, i decide i don’t like/don’t need this table.  especially after my last summer’s decluttering? does it bring magi and joy? post.  upon requesting assistance from my friend to carry for discarding this table, the idea came to me after my friend suggests painting for potential guest room. conversations of decoupaging come up. the idea for my standing vision board is born.  i am sure i am not the first to think of this.  only i, as each individual, can create a certain kind of look.  after gathering supplies, i create a work space for myself on a drop cloth in my soon to be new closet where this new table will live. the band mod podge has a helpful, how to decoupage-the 7 steps to perfect mod podging.  it has been a while since.  white paint, glue sticks, magazines to clip for the decoupage and a the table.  a bowl of water, gloves, some brushes and make-up sponges are also helpful.  another craft project for me.  originally in search of inspiration, i start a vision board.  now i have a standing one and a new table.  cool.  while my table isn’t quite complete, perhaps you will be inspired to decoupage or create your own vision board.  take a look at how i am doing below..

the start of a traditional vision board..

decoupage translates to “cut out’ in French.  gluing papers with paint and/or glue to create a special effect on furniture.  the glue paint mixture acts as sealer..

decoupage can be ordered online or purchased and craft and fabric stores like Joann’s Fabric in Los Angeles. Another name is Mod Podge,

start to paint and stick clippings to wet paint.. gloves required..

make-up sponges are great to dampen and smooth out clipping..

somewhere mid clippings and inspired by the magazines and my soon to be birthday.. i decide to play in my closet.. and selfie to see how clothing items look on for birthday photos that will for sure, come soon..
one more outfit before returning to holy jeans and t-shirt.. the usual, as of late uniform..
my work space and soon to be walk in closet.. waiting for the rollin tracks and stuff.. in the mean time..

Until Next Time..

while the table is continuing to become, i spray paint dried flowers to adorn the top..and play with photo editing..